AcademiaNet: Profiles of Leading Women Scientists

AcademiaNet: Profiles of Leading Women Scientists
AcademiaNet is a database of profiles of excellent female researchers from all disciplines. Learn more about the project.

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Prof. Corinna Hoose

ERC Starting Grant for Corinna Hoose

1,5 Millionen Euros for cloud physicist
With this grant, Prof. Corinna Hoose will continue to study the composition of clouds at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Her research is relevant for weather and climate models.

In Focus: Veterinary medicine

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Prof. Johanna Björkroth

University of Helsinki

Area of specialisation

Food hygiene

Research interests

Microbial food spoilage and hygiene, microbial interactions, (meta)genomics and (meta)transcriptomics of food spoilage communities, lactic acid bacteria and enterobacteria

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