AcademiaNet: Profiles of Leading Women Scientists

AcademiaNet: Profiles of Leading Women Scientists
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Prof. Beatriz Noheda

From Defect to Device

For years, physicists tried to avoid defects when they were growing thin films. But now they even try to use them. Beatriz Noheda, professor of Functional Nanomaterials at the University of Groningen, published a paper where she shows how defects could lead to new approaches and devices.

In Focus: Ethnology

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Prof. Dr. Erdmute Alber

Universität Bayreuth

Area of specialisation

Social anthropology, ethnology, sociology

Research interests

Processes of societal change in the Andes region and in West Africa: the anthropology of politics, law and power and the anthropology of kinship, family and childhood. Topics at the interface between the two thematic areas, e.g. family and childhood politics, social parenthood and child trafficking. Current central research topics: relations between generations, social parenthood and adoption and football migration. My current primary research concentration is West Africa.