AcademiaNet: Profiles of Leading Women Scientists

AcademiaNet: Profiles of Leading Women Scientists
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Prof. Anne Staubitz

New Organic Semiconductor Material

Organic tin in polymers increases light absorption
Researchers from Anne Staubitz' team from the University of Kiel, Germany, successfully integrated organic tin into semiconducting polymers. These polymers can be used for the absorption of sun light in solar cells.

In Focus: Media studies/Communication

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Prof. Dr. K.Th. Bijsterveld

Maastricht University

Area of specialisation

Science and Technology Studies (History, Anthropology and Sociology of Science and Technology); Sound Studies

Research interests

Themes at the crossroads of History, Science and Technology Studies, and Sound Studies. Examples are history of noise as a public problem, developments in musical instrument design, sound technologies and everyday practices, history of car sound design, history of car radio, media representations of urban soundscapes, soundscapes of the past, and the role of sound and listening in science, engineering and medicine.