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AcademiaNet member Dr María Escudero Escribano wins Princess of Girona Foundation Scientific Research Award 2018

5. 3. 2018 | The award recognises young investigators whose scientific advances have great potential to fuel innovation.
Dr María Escudero Escribano
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(© Dr María Escudero Escribano)

Dr María Escudero Escribano

The Princess of Girona Foundation Scientific Research Award 2018, worth 10.000 Euros, goes to two chemists: Guillermo Mínguez and AcademiaNet member María Escudero Escribano. The price honours the achievements of these young scientists in the field of material science.

An Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) since 2017, Escudero Escribano leads a team that researches experimental NanoElectrocatalysis. She investigates new materials that display favourable electrochemical catalysation properties. Her goal is to substitute noble metals in catalysers for cheaper materials and at the same time improve the efficiency of the catalysation process. This could dampen the negative effect of car and combustion plant emissions on the environment and the climate. In her career, she has already received a number of awards, including a Gold Medal from the European Young Chemist Award 2016 and the Electrochemical Society Energy Technology Division Young Investigator Award 2018. Additionally, she has registered three patents for her electrochemical catalysers.

The Princess of Girona Foundation is a private organisation that is supported by King Felipe VI of Spain on behalf of his daughter Princess Leonor. The main aim of the foundation is to support young people by giving them inspirational role models. With its awards, the foundation recognises these role models. The Scientific Research Award each year is given to one or two young scientists (not older than 36 years) with an excellent track record of scientific achievements that are not only innovative, but also show promise to contribute to future technological development.

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