Short CV/Education and training

  • 1995
    Master in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Paris (France)

  • 1995 – 2000
    PhD Curie Institute, Paris (France), UMR144. Lab. of G. Almouzni

  • 2001 – 2004
    Long term postdoctoral Fellow, University of Geneva, (Switzerland). Lab. of Dr. S. Gasser

  • 2005 – 2006
    Invited scientist. FMI (Friedrich Miescher Institute Fondation for Medical Research, Basel (Switzerland). Lab. of Dr. S. Gasser

  • Since 2006
    Junior Group leader, Compartimentalization and Dynamics of nuclear functions. UMR218, Institut Curie/CNRS

  • since 2013 Senor Group leader, Compartimentalization and Dynamics of nuclear functions. UMR218, Institut Curie/CNRS

  • 2013-2015: Deputy Director of the Nuclear Dynamics Unit. UMR218/UMR3664 Institut Curie/CNRS/UPMC

  • since 2015: Director of the Nuclear Dynamics Unit UMR3664 Institut Curie/CNRS/UPMC

Selected publications

  • Dubarry, M., I. Loiodice, C.L. Chen, C. Thermes, and A. Taddei. 2011. Tight protein-DNA interactions favor gene silencing. Genes Dev. 25:1365-70.

  • Ruault, M., A. De Meyer, I. Loiodice, and A. Taddei. 2011. Clustering heterochromatin: Sir3 promotes telomere clustering independently of silencing in yeast. J Cell Biol. 192:417-31.

  • Taddei, A., G. Van Houwe, S. Nagai, I. Erb, E. van Nimwegen, and S.M. Gasser. 2009. The functional importance of telomere clustering: Global changes in gene expression result from SIR factor dispersion. Genome Research. 19:611-625.

  • Taddei, A., G. Van Houwe, F. Hediger, V. Kalck, F. Cubizolles, H. Schober, and S.M. Gasser. 2006. Nuclear pore association confers optimal expression levels for an inducible yeast gene. Nature. 441:774-778.

  • Taddei, A., F. Hediger, F.R. Neumann, C. Bauer, and S.M. Gasser. 2004. Separation of silencing from perinuclear anchoring functions in yeast Ku80, Sir4 and Esc1 proteins. EMBO Journal. 23:1301-1312.

  • Taddei, A., C. Maison, D. Roche, and G. Almouzni. 2001. Reversible disruption of pericentric heterochromatin and centromere function by inhibiting deacetylases. Nature Cell Biology. 3:114-120.

  • Taddei, A., D. Roche, J.B. Sibarita, B.M. Turner, and G. Almouzni. 1999. Duplication and maintenance of heterochromatin domains. Journal of Cell Biology. 147:1153-1166.

  • Ruault, M., M. Dubarry, and A. Taddei. 2008. Re-positioning genes to the nuclear envelope in mammalian cells: impact on transcription. Trends in Genetics. 24:574-581.

  • Taddei, A., D. Roche, W.A. Bickmore, and G. Almouzni. 2005b. The effects of histone deacetylase inhibitors on heterochromatin: implications for anticancer therapy? Embo Reports. 6:520-524.

  • Taddei, A., F. Hediger, F.R. Neumann, and S.M. Gasser. 2004. The function of nuclear architecture: A genetic approach. Annual Review of Genetics. 38:305-345.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Reviewer for: l'ANR, la Fondation AXA, la Ville de Paris, BSF USA Israel, Welcome Trust, Molecular Cell, Nature, Nature Methods, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Cell Biology, PLOS, PLOS Biology, EMBO Report, Chromosoma, Biochemestry, Journal of Cell Biology, Genes to Cells, etc.

Additional qualifications

International Symposia and Workshops

  • Participations: 18 meetings in Europe, 6 meetings in USA

  • Selected speaker: 14 including EMBO workshops, Cold-Spring Harbor laboratory Symposium

  • Co-organizer: Understanding the genome: the Gasser group workshop?. 3-6 Nov. 2005, Leysin, Switzerland. 42 participants from EU, USA, Canada, Israel and Switzerland, 17 oral presentations. Funded by the Swiss National Fund.

  • Co-organizer: INSERM Workshop n° 200 "Functional organization of genomes in the nuclei:from molecular to in vivo approaches" – Saint Raphael (France) – 19-21 Oct. 2009

  • Co-organizer: "Understanding The Genome II FMI", Gruyères (Switzerland), 11 au 14 novembre 2010

  • Seminars and conferences: 10 as invited speaker to visit laboratories. 4 as selected or invited speaker in national meetings (Switzerland or France)


  • Since 2006: co-organizer of the European Course on Epigenetics (Institut Curie Paris), for Master2 and PhD students. One week course/year

  • Advanced Laboratory course in Molecular Biology (University of Geneva), 2003


  • since 2006: 3 post-doctoral researchers, 4 Master students, 2 PhD students.

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Mother of 3 children: Antonin, Juliette et Alexandre respectively born in 2001, 2005 and 2011


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