Short CV/Education and training

  • 2004 – 2006
    Postdoctoral Researcher, Maastricht University

  • 2008
    Visiting Scholar, University of Southampton

  • 2015 – 2015
    Visiting Scholar, Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC), University of Trento, Italy

  • 2006 – 2016
    Assistant Professor, Maastricht University

  • Since 2016
    Associate Professor, Maastricht University

Selected publications

  • Frankort, A., Roefs, A., Siep, N., Roebroeck, A., Havermans, R., & Jansen, A. (2014). The craving stops before you feel it: Neural correlates of craving during cue exposure with response prevention. Cerebral Cortex, 24, 1589-1600 [IF: 8.7]

  • Frankort, A., Roefs, A., Siep, N., Roebroeck, A., Havermans, R., & Jansen, A. (2012). Reward activity in satiated overweight women is decreased during unbiased viewing but increased during taste imagination: an event-related fMRI study. International Journal of Obesity, 36, 627-637. [IF: 5.0]

  • Siep, N., Roefs, A., Roebroeck, A., Havermans, R., Bonte, M., & Jansen, A. (2012). Fighting food temptations: the modulating effects of short-term cognitive reappraisal, suppression and up-regulation on mesocorticolimbic activity related to appetitive motivation. Neuroimage, 60, 213-220. [IF: 6.4]

  • Roefs, A., Huijding, J., Smulders, F. T. Y., MacLeod, C. M., de Jong, P., Wiers, R. W., & Jansen, A. (2011). Implicit measures of association in psychopathology research. Psychological Bulletin, 137, 149-193. [IF: 14.8]

  • Siep, N., Roefs, A., Roebroeck, A., Havermans, R., Bonte, M. L., Jansen, A. (2009). Hunger is the best spice: An fMRI study of the effects of attention, hunger, calorie content on food reward processing in the amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex. Behavioural Brain Research, 198, 149-158. [IF: 3.0]

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • NWO ASPASIA (2016 – 2021 | 100.000)

  • NWO VIDI: Mindset matters: How mindset, body weight, and dietary restraint influence neural representations of food (2016 – 2021 |PI | 800.000)

  • STW/NIHC/Philips project: Train your brain, think slim!” – Project on the development of a self-learning E-Coach (2011 – 2016 | PI | 585.000)

  • MUMC: Picky eating: Risk or protective factor for obesity? (2012 | PI | 110.000)

  • NWO/NSF GROW grant (2015 | co-PI | 3.000)

  • NWO Food, Cognition, and Behavior Program: Once you pop, you just can’t stop: how mindset rules biology and makes you eat (2014 | co-PI | 200.000).

  • NWO: High-fat foods, craving, and neural responding in obesity and anorexia nervosa: the role of food reward processing in overeating, self-starvation and weight loss (2007 | co-PI | 200.000)

  • British Academy: Acute effects of food intake and food cue exposure on body satisfaction in normal weight and overweight women (2006 | co-PI | 60.000)

  • NWO: Selective visual attention for ‘ugly’ body parts as a causal mechanism of body dissatisfaction (2005 | co-PI | 200.000)

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Editorial board member of the journal Behaviour Research and Therapy, since 2017

  • Review editor of the Editorial Board of Eating Behavior, a specialty of Frontiers in Nutrition, Psychiatry and Psychology, 2015

  • Panel member for Open Technology Program of Technology Foundation the Netherlands (STW), 2015

  • Editorial board member of the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, since 2013

  • Editorial board member of the journal Appetite, since 2009

Media coverage

  • Public Lecture “Food for Thought” organized by the NIHC (2013, the Hague)

  • Lecture at the Festival Brain Spotting (2006, Amsterdam)

Additional qualifications

  • Basic qualification Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (VGCT)

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Soft Skills

  • multi-tasking ;-)

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Mother of the two best girls in the world, enthusiastic tennis player and runner, and very fond of cooking.


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