Short CV/Education and training

  • 1990 – 1995
    MSc in chemistry, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain

  • 1995 – 1996
    MScE in macromolecular science & engingeering, Instituto de CyT de Polímeros, Madrid

  • 1996 – 2000
    PhD "Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymers" at Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de Polímeros (CSIC), Madrid

Selected publications

  • del Campo, B.: Photoswitching cell adhesion by caged cyclic RGD peptides; SP, JMA, AS, PD, MG, AdC. In: Angew Chem Int Ed 47, 2008. p. 3192.

  • del Campo, B.: Surface modification with orthogonal photosensitive silanes; AdC, DB, HWS, UJ. In: Angew Chem Int Ed 44, 2005. p. 4707.

  • del Campo, B.: Gecko-inspired surfaces: a path to strong and reversible dry adhesives; LB, CG, EA, AdC. In: Adv Mater 22, 2010. p. 2125.

  • del Campo, B.: Bioinspired surfaces with switchable adhesion; SR, EA, AdC. In: Adv Mater 19, 2007. p. 3833.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • European Union (Starting Grants and Marie Curie Programme FP7)

  • Humboldt Foundation (Feodor Lynen Grants, Sofja Kovalevskaja Prize)

  • German Research Foundation (DFG)

  • L'Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR)

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Soft Skills

  • Mother of 2 sons (26 Feb. 2007, 10 Nov. 2008)


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  1. Professorship for Aránzazu del Campo Bécares

    This month, the Spanish-born chemist started her professorship for material synthesis at Saarland University. Her team will investigate the interaction between materials and cells and the implications for biomedical research.