Short CV/Education and training

  • 1993 – 1994
    Master degree, Cellular Biology, University Denis Diderot, Paris VII, France

  • 1994 – 1995
    Postgraduate degree, Biology of blood cells, Denis Diderot, Paris VII, France

  • 1995 – 2000
    PhD, Cell Biology, University Denis Diderot, Paris VII, France

  • 2000 – 2006
    Post-doctoral fellow, Cell Biology Dept., Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL

  • 2006 – 2010
    Group leader, Cell Biology Dept., Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL

  • 2010 – 2012
    Assistant Professor, Cell Biology Dept., ESI, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL

  • 2012
    Associate Professor, Cell Biology Dept., ESI, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL

  • Since 2013
    Group leader, Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, NL

Selected publications

  • Drabek, K., Gutiérrez, L., Vermeij, M., Clapes, T., Patel, S.R., Boisset, J.C., van Haren, J., Pereira, A.L., Liu, Z., Akinci, U., Nikolic, T., van Ijcken, W., van den Hout, M., Meinders, M., Melo, C., Sambade, C., Drabek, D., Hendriks, R.W., Philipsen, S., Mommaas, M., Grosveld, F., Maiato, H., Italiano, J.E. Jr., Robin, C., Galjart, N. (2012) The microtubule plus-end tracking protein CLASP2 is required for hematopoiesis and hematopoietic stem cell maintenance. Cell Report 2: 781-788.

  • Boisset, J.C., Andrieu-Soler, C., van Cappellen, W., Clapes, T., Robin, C. (2011) Ex vivo time-lapse confocal imaging of the mouse embryo aorta. Nature Protocols 6: 1792-1805.

  • Boisset, J.C., van Cappellen, W., Andrieu-Soler, C., Galjart, N., Dzierzak, E., Robin, C. (2010) In vivo imaging of haematopoietic cells emerging from the mouse aortic endothelium. Nature 464: 116-120.

  • Robin, C.*, Bollerot, K.*, Mendes, S.*, Haak, E., Crisan, M., Cerisoli, F., Lauw, I., Kaimakis, P., Jorna, R., Vermeulen, M., Kayser, M., van der Linden, R., Imanirad, P., Verstegen, M., Nawaz-Yousaf, M., Papazian, N., Steegers, E., Cupedo, T., Dzierzak, E. (2009) Human placenta is a potent hematopoietic niche containing hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells throughout development. Cell Stem Cell 5: 385-395.

  • Robin, C., Ottersbach, K., Durand, C., Peeters, M., Vanes, L., Tybulewicz, V., Dzierzak, E. (2006) An unexpected role for IL-3 in the embryonic development of hematopoietic stem cells. Dev. Cell 11: 171-180.

  • de Bruijn, M.F.*, Ma, X.*, Robin, C.*, Ottersbach, K., Sanchez, M.J., Dzierzak, E. (2002) Hematopoietic stem cells localize to the endothelial cell layer in the midgestation mouse aorta. Immunity 16: 673-683.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Cellular and molecular characterization of hematopoietic stem cells and their precursors during embryonic development

  • Biomechanics of hematopoietic stem cell formation

  • Origin of hematopoietic stem cells

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • International Society for Experimental Hematology (ISEH)

  • International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)

  • Dutch Society for Developmental Biology (DSDB)

  • Ad hoc reviewer for several international journals and granting bodies

  • Member of PhD Jury

  • Member of committees for first year PhD student evaluation

Media coverage

  • Her work on the visualization of hematopoietic stem cell formation in the mouse embryonic aorta was recognized as a major breakthrough discovery in 2010 and was broadcasted on TV and by several national and international newspapers. Images and movies generated in her lab were also exposed at the Museum Boymans van Beuningen in Rotterdam and at the MOTI museum in Breda (The Netherlands).

Additional qualifications

  • Organizer of lecture series for national/international speakers

  • Teacher in several national and international teaching programs for masters and PhD students


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