Short CV/Education and training

  • 1984
    BA First Class, University of Cambridge, UK

  • 1989
    Ph.D., Cambridge University, UK

  • 1989 – 1991
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Cambridge University, UK

  • 1991 – 1995
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, UK

  • 1995 – 1998
    Head of the Laboratory of Transcriptional Regulation, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and holder of a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in association with the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University College, London

  • 1998 – 2002
    Research Scientist at Cancer Research UK London Research Institute, Head of the Laboratory of Developmental Signalling

  • 2002 – 2015
    Senior Scientist (awarded tenure) at Cancer Research UK London Research Institute, Head of the Laboratory of Developmental Signalling

  • Since 2015
    Senior Scientist Francis Crick Institute, Head of the Laboratory of Developmental Signalling

Selected publications

  • Vizan, P., Schmierer, B., and Hill, C.S. (2013). Controlling long-term signalling: receptor dynamics determine attenuation and refractory behaviour of the TGF-beta pathway. Science Signaling 6, ra106.

  • Harding, J.L., Horswell, S., Armisen, J., Zimmerman, L.B., Miska, E.A., and Hill, C.S. (2013). Small RNA profiling of Xenopus embryos reveals novel miRNAs and a new class of small RNAs derived from intronic transposable elements. Genome Res 24, 96-106.

  • Reichert, S., Randall, R.A. and Hill, C.S. (2013) A BMP regulatory network controls ectodermal cell fate decisions at the neural plate border. Development. 140, 4435-4444.

  • Ramel M.C, Hill C.S. (2013) The ventral to dorsal BMP activity gradient in the early zebrafish embryo is determined by graded expression of BMP ligands. Dev Biol. 378, 170-182.

  • Briones-Orta M.A, Levy L, Madsen C.D, Das D, Erker Y, Sahai E, Hill C.S. (2013) Arkadia Regulates Tumor Metastasis by Modulation of the TGF-? Pathway. Cancer Res 73, 1800-1810.

  • Grönroos, E., Kingston, I.J., Ramachandran, A., Randall, R.A., Vizan, P., and Hill, C.S. (2012). Transforming Growth Factor ? Inhibits Bone Morphogenetic Protein-Induced Transcription through Novel Phosphorylated Smad1/5-Smad3 Complexes. Mol Cell Biol 32, 2904-2916.

  • Wu, M.Y., Ramel, M.C., Howell, M., and Hill, C.S. (2011). SNW1 is a critical regulator of spatial BMP activity, neural plate border formation, and neural crest specification in vertebrate embryos. PLoS Biol 9, e1000593.

  • Agricola, E., Randall, R.A., Gaarenstroom, T., Dupont, S., and Hill, C.S. (2011). Recruitment of TIF1? to chromatin via its PHD finger-bromodomain activates its ubiquitin ligase and transcriptional repressor activities. Mol Cell 43, 85-96.

Complete list of publications

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

Editoral boards and editor of special issues:

  • Member of the Journal of Biological Chemistry Editorial Board (From July 2009)

  • Edited the April 2012 issue of Current Opinion in Cell Biology on Signalling and Gradients

Membership of Review/Grant Committees

  • Member of ERC Synergy Grant second stage evaluation committee, 2012 – 2013

  • Member of the evaluation Committee of the ISIS programme of the ISCIII (a public agency of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation), since 2009

  • Member of EMBO fellowships committee, 2008 – 2012

  • Member of awards committee for CRUK Career Development Awards and Senior Cancer Research Fellowships, 2008 – 2011

Advisory Boards

  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the EU FP7 Collaborative Project HumEn coordinated by Prof Henrik Semb, 2014 – 2018

  • Member of Scientific Advisory Board for Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology (CIRB) at Collège de France, Paris, France, since 2009

  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Marie Curie Research Institute Oxted, UK, 2003 – 2009

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Additional interests

  • I have a strong commitment to public engagement, as exemplified by my outreach activities including career evenings at schools to encourage girls into scientific careers, talks to the University of the Third Age, and various fund-raising engagements for Cancer Research UK, including a speech to 17,000 people at a Race for Life event in Hyde Park in 2009, numerous lab tours and talks for CR-UK supporters and a fund-raising video. In 2013 I also led science workshops for year 6 children at a local primary school.


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