Short CV/Education and training

  • 2012
    Dr. phil., "summa cum laude"; Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Department of European Ethnology

  • 2008
    Magister Artium (MA); Ludwig Maximilian University, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Department of European Ethnology (evaluation of the MA thesis: "outstanding performance", minor: Hispanic Literatures)

Selected publications

  • 2016: Sketches of Manners, Esquisses des Moeurs. The Journalistic Sketch as an Ethnographic Form of Knowledge (in German). In: Zeitschrift für Volkskunde 112/1. Pp. 37-56.

  • 2015: "Identity" or "Modernity"? Semantics of Place, Social Positions and Collective Sensitivities in a Contested City (in German). In: Wolfgang Kaschuba et al. (eds.): Urbane Aushandlungen. Die Stadt als Interaktionsraum. Berlin: Panama Verlag. Pp. 54-69.

  • 2015: The City as an Object of Knowledge. The Example of Seville (in German). In: Johannes Moser et al. (eds.): Europäische Ethnologie in München. Aktuelle Perspektiven. Münster: Waxmann. Pp. 167-191.

  • 2014: Spanish Costumbrismo (1820 – 1860) and the Emergence of Folklore Studies in European Context (in German). In: Jahrbuch für Europäische Ethnologie. Dritte Folge. Pp. 28-49.

  • 2014: Consultants, Mines Auctioneers, and Parisian Mademoiselles. Representations of Social Orders and the Social Figure as a Descriptive Device (in German). In: Kuckuck, Notizen zur Alltagskultur. Pp. 38-41.

  • 2013: Social Criticism and Romantic Travel Writing: Letters from Spain (1822) by José María Blanco White. In: Castilla, Estudios de Literatura 2013/4. Pp. 350–367.

  • 2012: Anthropological Perspectives on the European Urban Landscape. In: Mairead Nic Craith et al. (eds.): New Blackwell Companion to the Anthropology of Europe. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. Pp. 440-456.

  • 2011: The Discovery of Everyday Life in Europe. Letters from Spain (1822) by José María Blanco White (in German). In: Reinhard Johler/Max Matter (eds.): Mobilitäten. Kulturanalytische Perspektiven auf Europa in Bewegung. Münster: Waxmann. Pp. 565-575.

  • 2011: Seville. Exploring the Memory of a City (in German). In: Schweizerisches Archiv für Volkskunde 107. Pp. 89-108.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Anthropological Journal of European Cultures: Reviewer, since 2015

  • Humboldt University, Humboldt Graduate School: Review panel member, 2013 – 2016

  • Ludwig Maximilian University, Department of European Ethnology: Faculty Member, 2011-2013


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