Short CV/Education and training

  • 1990
    Studied geophysics at LMU Munich

  • 1996
    Diplom degree in geophysics, LMU Munich; Diplom thesis in astronomy on "Star formation in the nuclei of IR-luminous galaxies"

  • 1996
    Doctoral studies at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich; Doctoral thesis at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Extraterrestrial Physics

  • 1999
    Doctorate in astronomy, LMU Munich; Doctoral thesis on "The circumnuclear dynamic and star formation in two representative Seyfert galaxies"

  • 1999
    Postdoctoral Scholar in astronomy, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA (USA), Owens Valley Radio Observatory

  • 2002
    Jansky Postdoctoral Fellow, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Socorro, NM (USA)

  • 2004
    Research Staff, MPI for Astronomy, Heidelberg

  • 2005
    Max Planck Society Minerva group leader, MPI for Astronomy, Heidelberg

Selected publications

  • Schinnerer, E. et al.: "Bars and Warps Traced by the Molecular Gas in the Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 1068". In: ApJ 5333, 2000. p. 859.

  • Schinnerer, E. et al.: "Molecular Gas Dynamics in NGC 6946: A Bar-driven Nuclear Starburst "Caught in the Act"". In: ApJ 649, 2006. p. 181.

  • Schinnerer, E. et al.: "The VLA-COSMOS Survey. II. Source Catalog of the Large Project" and project-related publications. In: ApJS 172, 2007. p. 46.

  • Schinnerer, E. et al.: "Molecular Gas in a Submillimeter Galaxy at z=4.5: Evidence for a Major Merger at 1 Billion Years after the Big Bang". In: ApJL 689, 2008. L5.

Selected projects

  • COSMOS – Cosmic Evolution Survey,

  • LINC-NIRVANA (near-infrared Fizeau interferometer for the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) in Arizona, USA)

  • KINGFISH (Key Insights in Nearby Galaxies: a Far-Infrared Survey with Herschel)

  • PAWS (Plateau de Bure Arcsecond Whirlpool Survey)

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • AAS – American Astronomical Society

  • IAU – International Astronomical Union

Additional qualifications

Reviewer for:

  • DFG – German Research Foundation

  • NWO – Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

  • NRF – National Research Foundation (South Africa)

  • Scientific journals (ApJ, AJ, A&A, MNRAS, PASP, JCAP)

  • Applications for observation time (European Southern Observatory, Spitzer Space Telescope, National Radio Astronomy Observatory (EVLA/VLA/VLBA), Owens Valley Radio Observatory mm-array)

  • Organised scientific conferences and workshops

  • Equal Opportunity Officer at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Astronomy, 2004 – 2007

  • Organised of the Girls' Day events at the MPI for Astronomy, 2005 – 2007


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