Short CV/Education and training

  • 1987 – 1993
    Studied physics at the University of Konstanz and Kiel University, Germany

  • 1993 – 1997
    Research associate, Institute of Experimental Physics, Kiel University

  • 1997
    Dissertation topic: "Experimental investigation of oscillations of the ion layer around the grid in a double-plasma device"

  • 1997 – 1999
    Feodor Lynen Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for postdoctoral research at the Laboratoire PIIM of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the Université de Provence in Marseille, France. Work in the field of the non-linear dynamics of instabilities in low-pressure plasmas

  • Since 2000
    Research associate at the Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam and Plasma Technology (FEP), Dresden, Germany. Research areas: Hard material coatings, crystalline oxide layers, nanocomposites

  • Since 2004
    Head of the department "Coating of Components"

Selected publications

  • Klostermann, H. et al.: Zr-Nb-N hard coatings deposited by high power pulsed sputtering using different pulse modes. In: Surf. Coat. Technol. 204, 2009. S. 1076-1080.

  • Klostermann, H. et al.: Zr-Al-N Nanocomposite coatings ceposited by Pulse Magnetron Sputtering. In: Rev. Adv. Mater. Sci. 15m 2007. S. 33-37.

  • Zywitzki, O. et al.: Structure of superhard (Ti,Al)N layers deposited by reactive pulsed magnetron sputtering. In: Surf. Coat. Technol. 200, 2006. S. 6522-6526.

  • Klostermann, H. et al.: Nanocomposite oxide and nitride hard coatings produced by Pulse Magnetron Sputtering. In: Surf. Coat. Technol. 200, 2005. S. 760-764.

  • Aastrand, M. et al.: PVD-Al2O3-coated cemented carbide cutting tools. In: Surf. Coat. Technol. 188-189, 2004. S. 186-192.


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