Short CV/Education and training

  • 2002
    Diploma in Biology, University of Konstanz, Germany

  • 2002 – 2006
    PhD, Group of Prof Thomas Seufferlein, University of Ulm, Germany

  • 2007
    Postdoc, Group of Vivek Malhotra, University of California San Diego, USA

  • 2007 – 2011
    Senior Postdoc, Group of Vivek Malhotra, Centre Regulació Genòmica, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2012
    Independent group leader, Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Germany

Selected publications

  • Crevenna, A H, Blank, B, Maiser, A., Emin, D, Prescher, J, Beck, G, Kienzle, C, Bartnik, K, Habermann, B, Pakdel, M, Leonhardt, H, Lamb, D C, von Blume, J. Secretory cargo sorting by Ca2+-dependent Cab45 oligomerization at the trans-Golgi Network. J Cell Biol. 2016.

  • Kienzle C, Basnet N, Crevenna AH, Beck G, Habermann B, Mizuno M, von Blume J. Cofilin recruits F-actin to SPCA1 and promotes Ca2+-mediated secretory cargo sorting. 2014. J Cell Biol. 206(5): 635-54. (Highlighted in biobytes, September 152014).

  • von Blume J, Alleaume AM, Kienzle C, Carreras-Sureda M, Valverde M, and Malhotra V. Cab45 is required for Ca2+-dependent secretory cargo sorting at the trans-Golgi network. 2012 J. Cell Biol. 2012 199 (7)

  • Curwin AJ, von Blume J, Malhotra V. Cofilin mediated sorting and export of specific cargo from the Golgi apparatus in yeast. 2012. Mol Biol Cell 23 (12): 2327–38.

  • von Blume J, Alleaume AM, Cantero-Recasens G, Curwin A, Carreras-Sureda A, Zimmermann T, van Galen J, Wakana Y, Valverde MA, Malhotra V. ADF/cofilin regulates secretory cargo sorting at the TGN via the Ca2+ ATPase SPCA1. 2011. Dev Cell 20 (5): 652–62.

  • Von Blume J, Duran JM, Forlanelli E, Alleaume AM, Egorov M, Polishchuk R, Molina H, Malhhotra V. Actin remodelling by ADF/cofilin is required for cargo sorting at the trans Golgi network. 2009. J Cell Biol 187 7: 1055–69.

  • Von Wichert G, Edenfeld T, Von Blume J, Krisp H, Krindja D, Schmid H, Oswald F, Lother U, Walther P, Adler G, Seufferlein T. Protein kinase D2 regulates chromogranin A secretion in human BON neuroendrcrine tumour cells. 2008. Cell Signal 5: 925–34.

  • Von Blume J, Knippschild U, Dequiedt F, Georgios Giamas G, Beck A, Auer A, Van Lint J, Adler G, Seufferlein T. Phosphorylation at Ser244 by CK1 determines nuclear localization and substrate targeting of PKD2. 2007. EMBO J 22: 4619–4633.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • 2012 – present: International Max Planck Research School “From Biology to Medicine”, Board Member, Faculty Series, Board Member


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