Short CV/Education and training

  • 1993
    Abitur (A-levels)

  • 1993 – 2001
    Studied physics at the University of Stuttgart, Germany

  • 1997 – 1998
    Year abroad at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, USA. Master of Science in astronomy

  • 2000 – 2004
    Researcher at the Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research (GSI), Darmstadt, Germany

  • 2004
    Doctorate at Mainz University, Germany

  • 2004 – 2006
    Postdoc at the Society for Heavy Ion Research (GSI) in Darmstadt

  • 2006 – 2009
    Second postdoc at the Università Milano-Bicocca in Milan, Italy

  • 2009 – 2010
    Researcher at the Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research (GSI)

  • Since 2010
    Head of an Emmy Noether junior research group at the Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics, Giessen University, Germany

  • 2013 – 2014
    Acting professor of "Experimental Physics III" at the University of Kassel, Germany

Selected publications

  • Kraft-Bermuth, S. et al.: Calorimetric low-temperature detectors for low-energetic heavy ions and their application in accelerator mass spectrometry. In: Review of Scientific Instruments 80/103304, 2009.

  • Kraft-Bermuth, S. et al.: Development and Characterization of Microcalorimeters for a Next Generation 187Re Beta-Decay Experiment. In: Journal of Low Temperature Physics 151/619, 2008.

  • Egelhof, P., Kraft-Bermuth, S.: Heavy Ion Physics in Cryogenic Particle Detection. In: Enss, C. (ed.), Topics Appl. Phys. 99/469, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg 2005.

  • Kraft, S. et al.: Calorimetric low temperature detectors for mass identification of heavy ions. In: Low Temperature Detectors, Porter, F.S. et al. (eds.), AIP Conference Proceedings 605/405, 2002.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Study of the quantum electrodynamics of highly charged heavy ions using high-precision X-ray spectroscopy

  • Heavy ions’ energy deposition in solid matter

  • Accelerator mass spectrometry of heavy elements

  • Creation and detection of "super-heavy elements" (Z > 112)

Additional qualifications

  • Active in academic governance

  • Experience in the organisation and implementation of complex experiments using large accelerators and working in international groups

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Soft Skills

  • Mentor in the "CyberMentor" programme for girls interested in STEM fields


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