Short CV/Education and training

  • 1982 – 1986
    Graduate Student, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Prof. Graham. B. Warren Group, Heidelberg, Germany

  • 1987 – 1990
    Post-doctoral Fellow, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Dr. W. B. Huttner, Heidelberg, Germany

  • 1990 – 1993
    Staff Scientist, European Moleular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany

  • 1994 – 2002
    Research Scientist, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Secretory Pathways Laboratory, London, England

  • Since 2002
    Senior Scientist, Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute, Secretory Pathways Laboratory, London, England

  • Since 2003
    Honorary Professor, University College London, Division of Life Sciences, London, England

Selected publications

  • Tooze, S.A., and Huttner, W.B. (1990), Cell-free protein sorting to the regulated and constitutive pathways. Cell, 60, 837-847.

  • Tooze, S.A., Weiss, U., and Huttner, W.B. (1990), Requirement for GTP hydrolysis in the formation of secretory vesicles. Nature, 347, 207-208.

  • Dittié, A.S., Hajibagheri, N, and Tooze, S.A. (1996), The AP-1 adaptor complex binds to immature secretory granules from PC12 cells, and is regulated by ADP-ribosylation factor. Journal of Cell Biology, 132, 523-536.

  • Urbé, S., Page, L.J., Tooze, S.A. (1998), Homotypic fusion of immature secretory granules during maturation in a cell-free assay. Journal of Cell Biology, 143, 1831-1844.

  • Webber, J., Young A., Tooze, S.A. (2007) Atg9 Trafficking in Mammalian Cells. Autophagy, 3: 54-56.

  • Chan, E. Y. W., Kir, S., and Tooze, S.A. (2007) siRNA screening of the kinome identifies ULK1 as a multi-domain modulator of autophagy. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 282:25464-25474.

  • Razi, M., Chan, E.Y.W., Tooze, S.A. (2009) Early Endosomes and Endosomal Coatomer are required for Autophagy. Journal of Cell Biology, 185:305-321.

  • McKnight, N.C., McKnight, N. C., Jefferies, H.B.J., Alemu, E.A., Saunders, R.E., Howell, M., Johansen, T., Tooze, S.A. (2012) Genome-wide siRNA screen reveals amino acid starvation-induced autophagy requires SCOC and WAC. EMBO Journal, 31:1931-1946.

  • Longatti, A., Lamb, C.A., Razi, M., Yoshimura, S.-I., Barr, F. A., Tooze, S.A. (2012) TBC1D14 regulates autophagosome formation via Rab11 and ULK1-positive recycling endosomes. Journal of Cell Biology, 197:659-675.

  • McAlpine, F., Williamson, L.E., Tooze, S.A. and Chan, Y.W. (2013) Regulation of nutrient-sensitive autophagy by uncoordinated 51-like kinases 1 and 2. Autophagy, 9:361-373.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Member of American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB), since 1985

  • Member of The Biochemical Society, since 1991

  • Member of the British Society for Cell Biology (BSCB), since 1994

  • Member of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB), since 2008


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