Short CV/Education and training

  • 1994
    Master Degree in Molecular Biology, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic, Group of Dr. Z. Palkova

  • 1999
    Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Biology at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, Group of Dr. V. Vondrejs

  • 1999 – 2001
    Research Associate IMR Zurich, University of Zurich/ETH Zurich, Switzerland, Group of Dr. J. Jiricny

  • 2001 – 2007
    Postdoctoral Fellow at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, Group of Dr. D. Pellman

  • 2008
    - 2016 Max Planck Research Group Leader, Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany

  • Since 2016
    Professor of Molecular Genetics, Faculty of Biology, Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany

Selected publications

  • Storchova, Z. et al.: Bub1, Sgo1 and Mps1 mediate a distinct pathway for chromosome bi-orientation in budding yeast. In: Molecular Biology of the Cell 22(9), 2011. S. 1473-1485.

  • Kuffer, C., Storchova, Z.: The consequences of tetraploidy and aneuploidy. In: Journal of Cell Science 121, 2008. S. 3859-3866.

  • Ganem, N.J., Storchova, Z., Pellman, D.: Tetraploidy, aneuploidy and cancer. In: Current Opinion in Genetic & Development 17(2), 2007. S. 157-162.

  • Storchova, Z. et al.: Genome-wide analysis of polyploidy in yeast: scaling effects and genome stability. In: Nature 443, 2006. S. 541-547.

  • Andalis, A.A., Storchova, Z. et al. (2004): Defects Arising From Whole-Genome Duplications in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In: Genetics 167, S. 1109-1121.

  • Storchova, Z., Pellman, D.: From polyploidy to aneuploidy, genome instability and cancer. In: Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 5, 2004. S. 45-54.

Selected projects

  • Consequence of polyploidy and aneuploidy in human cells

Additional qualifications

  • Group leader at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, since 2008

  • Postdoctoral fellow at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard Medical School in Boston, group of David Pellman, 2001 – 2007

  • Research fellow at the University of Zurich, group of Josef Jiricny, 1999 – 2001


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  1. Understanding the Effects of an Unbalanced Genome

    What happens to a human cell when the number of chromosomes changes? Prof. Zuzana Storchova researches the effects of aneuploidy and loss of genome stability.

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    Scientists of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, among them Dr. Zuzana Storchova, report the first global analysis of the protein recruitment dynamics underlying an important DNA repair pathway.