Short CV/Education and training

  • 2011:

    Transfer of habilitation to the University of Kiel. Venia legendi in Prehistory (Ur- und Frühgeschichte)

  • 2010:

    Habilitation, University of Tübingen. Thesis: “Transitions and Transformations. From late Pleistocene reindeer hunters to Bronze Age flint knappers”

  • 1989:

    PhD degree in Prehistoric Archaeology from the University of Aarhus. Thesis: “Change and Continuity in a Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Society”

  • 1984-1989:

    Doctoral studies at the University of Tübingen and at the University of Aarhus

Selected publications

  • Bech, J.H., B.V. Eriksen & K. Kristiansen (eds.) 2018. Bronze Age Settlement and Land-Use in Thy, Northwest Denmark, Vol. I-II. Jutland Archaeological Society Publications Vol. 102. Højbjerg.

  • Eriksen, B.V., A. Abegg-Wigg, R. Bleile & U. Ickerodt (eds.) 2017. Interaktion ohne Grenzen. Beispiele archäologischer Forschungen am Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts – Interaction without borders. Exemplary archaeological research at the beginning of the 21st century. (Schleswig 2017).

  • Frieman, C.J. & B.V. Eriksen (eds.), 2015. Flint Daggers in Prehistoric Europe. Oxbow Books. Oxford.

  • Eriksen, B.V. (ed), 2010. Lithic technology in metal using societies. Proceedings of a UISPP Workshop, Lisbon, September 2006. Jutland Archaeological Society Publications Vol. 67. Højbjerg.

  • Eriksen, B.V. (ed), 2006. Stenalderstudier. Tidligt mesolitiske jægere og samlere i Sydskandinavien. Jutland Archaeological Society Publications Vol. 55. Højbjerg.

  • Terberger, T. & B.V. Eriksen (eds), 2004. Hunters in a changing world – Jäger in einer sich wandelnden Welt. Verlag Marie Leidorf. Rahden/Westfalen.

  • Eriksen, B.V. & B. Bratlund (eds), 2002. Recent studies in the Final Palaeolithic of the European plain. Proceedings of a UISPP Symposium. Stockholm, 14.-17. October 1999. Jutland Archaeological Society Publications Vol. 39. Højbjerg.

  • Fisher, L.E. & B.V. Eriksen (eds), 2002. Lithic raw material economy in late glacial and early postglacial western Europe. British Archaeological Reports S1093. Oxford.

  • Eriksen, B.V. (ed), 2000. FLINTSTUDIER – en håndbog i systematiske analyser af flintinventarer. Aarhus Universitetsforlag. Århus.

  • Eriksen, B.V. & L.G. Straus (eds), 1998. As the World Warmed: Human Adaptations Across the Pleistocene-Holocene Boundary. Quaternary International vol. 49/50. Oxford.

  • Straus, L.G., B.V. Eriksen, J.M. Erlandson & D.R. Yesner (eds), 1996. Humans at the End of the Ice Age: The Archaeology of the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition. Plenum Press, Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology. New York.

  • Eriksen, B.V., 1991. Change and Continuity in a Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Society: A study of cultural adaptation in late glacial – early postglacial southwestern Germany. Archaeologica Venatoria 12. Tübingen.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • 2016-2020:

    The German Research Council has financed the CRC 1266 “Scales of Transformations” initiated by the University of Kiel and including the following subprojects:

    Subproject B1 (PI: B.V. Eriksen): “Pioneers of the North: Transitions and transformations in Northern Europe evidenced by high-resolution datasets (c. 15000–9500 BCE)”

    Subproject F5 (PI’s: B.V. Eriksen, M. Furholt, J. Müller): “Social dimensions of technological change”

  • 2004-2007:

    The Danish Research Council for the Humanities financed the project: “Production strategies in Bronze Age flint-working – the decline and fall of a master craft”). Grant no. 25-03-0520 (PI: B.V. Eriksen).

  • 1992-1995:

    The Danish Research Council for the Humanities financed the project: “Patterns of ethnogeographic variability in late Pleistocene and early Holocene Central and North Europe”. Grant no. 15-8654 (PI: B.V. Eriksen).

  • 1990-1992:

    The Alexander von Humboldt Research Foundation financed the project: “Räumliche Variabilität der urgeschichtlichen Jäger- und Sammler-gemeinschaften im spätglazialen und frühpostglazialen Mittel- und Nordeuropa”. Grant no. IV 1 701-2 (PI: B.V. Eriksen).

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • 2009-2018:

    President of the UISPP Commission for “The Final Palaeolithic of Northern Eurasia / Le Paléolithique Final de l'Eurasie du Nord”

  • 1998-2009:

    Founding member and secretary of the UISPP Commission XXXII: “Final Palaeolithic of the Great European Plain / Paléolithique final de la Grande Plaine européenne”

  • 1992-2003:

    Founding member and secretary of the INQUA working group on “The Archaeology of the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition”; 1999-2003 also secretary of the INQUA Commission on “Human Evolution and Paleoecology”

  • 1999-2003:

    Founding member and secretary of the Danish Alexander von Humboldt Club


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