Short CV/Education and training

  • 1997 – 2000
    BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, University of Salford, UK

  • 2000 – 2004
    PhD Student at the University of Manchester, UK and the Genome Damage and Stability Centre (GDSC), Medical Research Council (MRC), University of Sussex, UK

  • 2004 – 2007
    Postdoctoral Fellow, International Agency for Research On Cancer (IARC), World Health Organization (WHO), Lyon, France

  • 2007 – 2011
    Postdoctoral fellow, Cancer Research UK (CR-UK), London Research Institute (LRI), London, UK

  • Since 2011
    Principal Investigator, Center for Molecular Medicine (CeMM), Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Selected publications

  • Mazouzi A, Battistini F, Moser S, Ferreira da Silva J, Wiedner M, Owusu M, Lardeau C-H, Ringler A, Weil B, Saparbaev MK, Neesen J, Orozco M, Kubicek S, Loizou JI. Repair of UV-induced DNA damage independent of nucleotide excision repair is masked by MUTYH. Molecular Cell Nov 16;68(4):797-807.e7, 2017.

  • Moder M, Velimezi G, Owusu M, Mazouzi A, Wiedner M, Ferreira da Silva J, Robinson-Garcia L, Schischlik F, Slavkovsky R, Kralovics R, Schuster M, Bock C, Ideker T, Jackson SP, Menche J, Loizou JI. Parallel genome-wide screens identify a synthetic viable interaction between the BLM helicase complex and Fanconi anemia. Nature Communications Nov 1;8(1):1238. doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-01439-x, 2017.

  • Mazouzi A, Stukalov A, Müller A, Chen D, Wiedner M, Prochazkova J, Chiang S-C, Schuster M, Breitwieser F, Pichlmair A, El-Khamisy SF, Bock C, Kralovics R, Colinge J, Bennett K, Loizou JI. A Comprehensive Analysis of the Dynamic Response to Aphidicolin-Mediated Replication Stress Uncovers Targets for ATM and ATMIN. Cell Reports pii:S2211-1247(16)30366-7, 2016.

  • Prochazkova J, Sakaguchi S, Wiedner M, Turchinovich G, Hayday A, Behrens A, Ellmeier W, Loizou JI. Spontaneous Intestinal Inflammation Due to Concomitant Loss of DNA Repair Cofactors ATMIN and NBS1. PLoS Genetics 11(11): e1005645, 2015.

  • Schmidt L, Wiedner M, Velimezi G, Prochazkova J, Owusu M, Bauer S, Loizou JI. ATMIN is required for the ATM-mediated signaling and recruitment of 53BP1 to DNA damage sites upon replication stress. DNA Repair 24: 122-130, 2014.

  • Loizou JI, Sancho R, Kanu N, Bolland B, Yang F, Rada C, Corcoran AE, Behrens A. ATMIN is required for maintenance of genomic stability and suppression of B cell lymphoma. Cancer Cell 19:587-600, 2011.

  • Loizou JI, Oser G, Shukla V, Sawan C, Murr R, Wang Z-Q, Trumpp A, Herceg Z. Histone acetylation is essential for maintaining the hematopoietic stem/progenitor cell pool. J Immunol 183:6422-31, 2009.

  • Murr R#, Loizou JI#, Yang Y-G, Cuenin C, Li H, Wang Z-Q, Herceg Z. Histone acetylation by Trrap/Tip60 HAT modulates loading of repair proteins to DNA breaks and repair of DNA double strand breaks. Nat Cell Biol. 8:91-99, 2006. #equal contribution

  • Loizou JI, El-Khamisy SF, Zlatanou A, Moore DJ, Chan DW, Qin J, Sarno, S, Meggion F, Pinna LA, Caldecott KW. The protein kinase CK2 facilitates repair of chromosomal DNA single-strand breaks. Cell 117:17-28, 2004.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Patent application (EP17172748)


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