Short CV/Education and training

  • 1970

  • 1987 – 1990
    Highschool studies at Thisted Gymnasium, Denmark

  • 1992 – 1999
    M. Sc. studies (Chemistry/Biotechnology) at Aarhus University, Denmark

  • 1999 – 2002
    Ph.D. in Molecular and Structural Biology, Aarhus University, Denmark

  • 2002 – 2004
    Post-doc in the group of professor Michael Gajhede, Biostructural Research, Royal School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Denmark

  • 2004
    University Teaching Diploma, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2004 – 2009
    Research Associate Professor, Biostructural Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Since 2009
    Associate Professor, faculty staff, BioSAXS group leader, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2009 – 2010
    Research Management Course, CBS-SIMI, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Since 2011
    Sapere Aude Starting Grant Research Leader

Selected publications

  • Bacterial polypeptide release factor RF2 is structurally distinct from eukaryotic eRF1. Vestergaard, B., Van, L.B., Andersen, G.R., Nyborg, J., Buckingham, R.H., Kjeldgaard, M. (2001). Molecular Cell 8, 1375-82.

  • A cryo-electron microscopic study of ribosome-bound termination factor RF2. Rawat, U.B.S., Zavialov, A.V., Sengupta, J., Valle, M., Grasucci, R.A., Linde J., Vestergaard, B., Ehrenberg, M. and van Frank, J. (2003) Nature, 421, 87-90.

  • Structure of the E. coli ribosomal termination complex with release factor 2. Klaholz, B.P., Pape, T., Zavialov, A.V., Myasnikov, A.G., Orlova, E.V., Vestergaard, B., Ehrenberg, M. and van Heel, M. (2003) Nature, 421, 90-94.

  • The SAXS Solution Structure of RF1 Differs from Its Crystal Structure and Is Similar to Its Ribosome Bound Cryo-EM Structure. (2005) Vestergaard, B., Sanyal, S.; Roessle, M.; Mora, L.; Buckingham, R.H.; Kastrup, J.S.; Gajhede, M.; Svergun, D.I.; Ehrenberg, M. Molecular Cell (2005) 20: 929-38.

  • A helical structural nucleus is the primary elongating unit of insulin amyloid fibrils. Vestergaard, B., Groenning, M., Roessle, M., Kastrup, J.S., van de Weert, M., Flink, J.M., Frokjaer, S., Gajhede, M., Svergun, D.I. (2007) PLoS Biology, 5(5):e134.

  • High-Throughput Small Angle X-ray Scattering from Proteins in Solution Using a Microfluidic Front-End. K. Nørgaard Toft, Bente Vestergaard, Søren S. Nielsen, Detlef Snakenborg, Mads G. Jeppesen, Jes K. Jacobsen, Lise Arleth, and Jörg P. Kutter (2008) Analytical Chemistry, 80, 3648-54.

  • Large-scale polymorphism and auto-catalytic effect in insulin fibrillogenesis Vito Foderà, Marco van de Weert and Bente Vestergaard (2010) Soft Matter, 6, 4413-4419.

  • Extensive small angle X-ray scattering studies of blood coagulation factor VIIa reveal interdomain flexibility, Mosbæk, C.R.; Nolan, D; Persson, E; Svergun, D.I.; Bukrinski, J; Vestergaard, B (2010) Biochemistry, 49, 9739-45.

  • Low resolution structure of a vesicle disrupting a-synuclein oligomer that accumulates during fibrillation. Giehm, L.; Svergun, D.I.; Otzen, D.E. and Vestergaard, B. (2011) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 108(8):3246-51.

  • High Conentration Formulation Studies of an IgG2 Antibody using Small Angle X-ray Scattering. Mosbæk, C.R.; Konarev, P.V., Svergun, D.I.; Rischel, C. & Vestergaard, B. (2012) Pharmaceutical Research, 29, 2225-35.

  • Small Angle X-ray Scattering Based Elucidation of the Self-Association Mechanism of Human Insulin Analogue Lys-B29(N(e)¿-carboxyheptadecanoyl) des(B30). Jensen, M.H., Wahlund, P-O., Toft, K.N., Jacobsen, J.K., Steensgaard, D.B., van de Weert, M., Havelund, S. & Vestergaard, B. (2012) Biochemistry, 52, 282-94.

  • Structural Characterisation of Pre-fibrillar intermediates and amyloid fibrils by small angle X-ray scattering. Annette E. Langkilde & Bente Vestergaard (2012). Amyloid Proteins. Methods and Protocols. 2nd Ed. Methods in Molecular Biology Vol. 849, pp 137-55. Edited by Sigurdsson, E.M., Calero, M. & Gasset, M. Springer Protocols.

  • Small angle X-ray scattering studies of mitochondrial Glutaminase C reveals extended flexible regions, and links oligomeric state with enzyme activity. Moller, M. Nielsen S.S., Rammachandran, S., Li, Y. Tria, G., Streicher, W., Petoukhov, M.V., Cerione A.R., Gillilan, E.R. & Vestergaard, B. (2013) PLoS One, accepted.

  • Wildtype and A30P mutant alphasynuclein form different fibril structures. Nielsen, S.B.; Macchi, F., Raccosta, S., Langkilde, A.E., Giehm, L. Kyrsting, A., Svane, A.S.P., Manno, M., Christiansen, G., Nielsen, N.C., Oddershede, L., Vestergaard, B. & Otzen, D.E. (2013) PLoS One, 8(7): e67713

  • Unlocked Concanavalin A Forms Amyloid-like Fibrils from Coagulation of long-lived "Crinkled" Intermediates. Vetri, V., Leone, M., Morozova-Roche, L., Vestergaard, B. & Foderá, V. (2013) PLoS One, 8(7): e68912.

Selected projects

  • I have focused on structural biology throughout my carreer. I was trained in macromolecular X-ray crystallography and have some experience with cryo electron microscopy and fiber diffraction. Since 2004 I have specialized in small angle X-ray scattering on proteins in solution and have established the first Scandinavian bioSAXS group at the University of Copenhagen. In my group, we focus on structural characterisation of complex pharmaceutically relevant protein solutions. We analyze heterogeneous protein systems, and particularly specialize in characterisation of fibrillating proteins. We have developed novel methods for structural analysis of fibrillating systems, applying advanced decomposition and multidisciplinary characterisation.

Additional qualifications

  • Supervisor of 8 PhD-students (3 graduated) and 5 post-docs, since 2005

  • Co-organizer (with Professor Lise Arleth) of the Copenhagen BioSAS international courses for young researchers, since 2005

  • Lecturer at several EMBO courses organized by group leader Dmitri Svergun (EMBL-Hamburg) and Frank Gabel (ESRF-Grenoble), since 2008

  • Acting as scientific secretary in the trans-faculty investigation of interfaculty synergy options within natural sciences (2009) and chemistry (2010) at the University of Copenhagen

  • Member of the Priorities Committee (evaluation applications for beam time for macromolecular crystallography and small-angle x-ray scattering) at EMBL-Hamburg, since 2009

  • Marie Curie host for MC Fellow Dr. Vito Foderá, since 2012

  • Panel Member of the Swedish Research Council (Natural and Engineering Sciences, NT-9, Biochemistry and Structural Biology), since 2013

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Living together with Søren Thuesen, with two children, Mathies (18y) and Sarah (5y)


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