Selected publications

  • Claussen, Peter Cornelius/ Mondini, Daniela/ Senekovic, Darko, Die Kirchen der Stadt Rom im Mittelalter 1050–1300, G–L (Corpus Cosmatorum II, 3), Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2010 (592 Pages)

  • Mondini, Daniela, Mittelalter im Bild. Séroux d’Agincourt und die Kunsthistoriographie um 1800 (Zürcher Schriften zur Kunst-, Kultur- und Architekturgeschichte, Vol. 4), Zurich: Zurich InterPublishers, 2005

Selected projects


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  1. Prof. Dr. Daniela Bohde

    Art/Aesthetics, Late medieval and early modern art, Art historiography

  2. Prof. Krista De Jonge

    Architecture/Landscape architecture/Urban development/Urban planning, Theory of architecture and urbanism; Early Modern Period (16th-18th century); History of architecture; Built heritage and renovation; History of architecture and urbanism

  3. Prof. Corina Caduff

    Art/Aesthetics, Kunst/Kunstwissenschaften, Linguistics/Literature, Sprach-/Literaturwissenschaften

  4. Prof. Dr. Faustina Doufikar-Aerts

    Art/Aesthetics, Cultural studies, History, Linguistics/Literature, Philosophy, Religion/Religious studies/Theology, Cultural transfer and dissimination of literary, artistic and religious motifs from antiquity into the Islamic world, in particular the oriental Alexander tradition in the languages and cultures of the Middle East, Africa, central Asia and south-east Asia.