Short CV/Education and training

  • Since 2015
    Professor in Psychology, Freiburg

  • 2000 – 2015
    PdD, PostDoc, University of Wuerzburg, Department of Psychology, Germany

Selected publications

  • Pfeuffer, C.U., Hosp, T., Kimmig, E., Moutsopoulou, K., Waszak, F., & Kiesel, A. (in press). Defining stimulus representation in stimulus-response associations formed on the basis of task execution and verbal codes. Psychological Research.

  • Ruess, M., Thomaschke, R., & Kiesel, A. (in press). The time course of intentional binding. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics.

  • Kiesel, A., & Dignath, D. (2017). Effort in Multitasking: Local and global assessment of effort. Frontiers in Psychology, 8:111.

  • Pfeuffer, C.U., Moutsopoulou, K., Pfister, R., Waszak, F., & Kiesel, A. (2017). The Power of Words: On item-specific stimulus-response associations formed in the absence of action. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 43, 328-347.

  • Bermeitinger, C., Kaup, B., Kiesel, A., Koch, I., Kunde, W., Müsseler, J., Oberfeld-Twistel, D., Strobach, T. & Ulrich, R. (2016). Positionspapier zur Lage der Allgemeinen Psychologie. Psychologische Rundschau, 67, 175-205.

  • Haering, C., & Kiesel, A. (2016). Time perception and the experience of agency. Psychological Research, 80, 286-297.

  • Naujoks, F., Kiesel, A., & Neukum, A. (2016). Cooperative warning systems: The impact of false and unnecessary alarms on drivers' compliance. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 97, 162-175

  • Pfeuffer, C.U., Kiesel, A., & Huestegge, L. (2016). Vision of the Future: Action outcome prediction is embedded in anticipatory eye-movements. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145, 1530-1547.

  • Thomaschke, R., Hoffmann, J., Haering, C., & Kiesel, A. (2016). Time-based expectancy for task relevant stimulus features. Timing & Time Perception, 4, 248-270.

  • Dignath, D., Kiesel, A., & Eder, A.B. (2015). Flexible Conflict Management: Conflict Avoidance and Conflict Adjustment in Reactive Cognitive Control. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 41, 975-988. BivalentStimuli.wmv UnivalentStimuli.wmv

Complete list of publications

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Treasurer of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCoP), 2010 – 2013

  • Assessor Speaking Group Psychology, 2011 – 2012


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