Short CV/Education and training

  • 1957 – 1962
    Studied English and Romance studies at the University of Leipzig, Germany

  • 1966

  • 1978
    Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification)

  • 1979
    Lecturer in linguistics and translation studies at the University of Leipzig

  • 1987
    Full professor of general linguistics at the University of Leipzig (since 1992 professor according to the new law)

  • 1991
    Creation and direction of the General Linguistics course at the University of Leipzig

  • 1994 – 2004
    Additionally, director of the interdisciplinary consecutive course in European studies

  • 1999 – 2006
    Spokesperson of the German Research Foundation (DFG) research group "Theoretical-linguistic bases of cognitive science: Linguistic and conceptual knowledge", with projects from Leipzig, Berlin and Jena, Germany

  • Since 2004
    Editor of the Language, Context and Cognition series published by W. de Gruyter

  • Since 2004
    Prof. in retirement with expanded privileges at the University of Leipzig

Selected publications

  • Steube, A.: Temporale Bedeutung im Deutschen (= studia grammatica XX), Berlin: Akademie Verlag 1980.

  • Steube, A., Zybatow, G.: Zur Satzwertigkeit von Infinitiven und Small Clauses (= Linguistische Arbeiten 315), Tübingen 1994.

  • Steube, A.: Language, Context, and Cognition. Verlag Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, New York.

  • Steube, A.: Kontext und mögliche Welt (eine Untersuchung der Indirekten Rede). In: J.L. Mey (ed.): Language and Discourse: Test and Protest. A Festschrift for Petr Sgall (= Linguistic and Literary Studies in Eastern Europe 19), Amsterdam, Philadelphia 1986. pp. 327-372.

  • Steube, A.: Grammatical Relations Between Propositions, Conjunctions and the Complementizer "daß" in a REST-grammar of German. In: Linguistische Arbeitsberichte 61, Leipzig 1987. pp. 54-74.

  • Steube, A.: A Model for Temporal Reference in Texts. In: Geiger, R. (ed.): Reference in multidisciplinary perspective: Philosophical object, cognitive subject, intersubjective process, Hildesheim (Georg Olms Verlag), 1995. pp. 63-81.

  • Steube, A.: Der russische Aspekt und die Ereignisrolle des Verbs. In: G. Zybatow, U. Junghanns (eds.): Proceedings of the First European Conference on Formal Description of Slavic Languages 1995 (= Linguistische Studien 7), Frankfurt am Main: Vervuert 1997. pp. 213-227.

  • Steube, A.: Ein kognitionswissenschaftlich basiertes Modell für Informationsstrukturierung. In: J. Bayer, Ch. Römer (eds.): Von der Philologie zur Grammatiktheorie – Peter Suchsland on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Tübingen: Niemeyer 2000. pp. 213-238.

  • Steube, A.: Correction by Contrastive Focus. In: Theoretical Linguistics 27, 2002. pp. 215-249.

  • Steube, A.: Bridge Contours in German assertive main clauses. In: W. Abraham, L. Molnárfy (eds.): Optionality in Syntax and Discourse Structure – Aspects of Word Order Variation in (West) Germanic and other Languages. Folia Linguistica 37/1-2, 2003. pp. 163-190.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Spokesperson of the German Research Foundation (DFG) research group "Theoretical-linguistic bases of cognitive science: Linguistic and conceptual knowledge", with projects from Leipzig, Berlin and Jena, Germany, 1999 – 2005

  • Member of the Saxonian Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Leipzig, since 1991

  • Two terms as peer reviewer for the DFG, since 1991


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