Short CV/Education and training

  • 1991
    Abitur (A-levels)

  • 1996
    Diplom degree in psychology from Trier University, Germany

  • 1999
    Lecturer in the Department of Experimental Psychology, Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf, Germany

  • 2000
    Doctorate from Trier University

  • 2001
    Postdoc stay at the Institute for Mind and Biology, University of Chicago, IL, USA

  • 2002
    Postdoc stay at the Institute of Behavioural Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

  • Since 2004
    Head of an Emmy Noether research group, Trier University

  • 2005
    Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification)

  • 2006
    Conferment of the venia legendi (authorisation to teach) for the field of psychology

  • 2008 – 2011
    Professor of Health Psychology, JCLL, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

  • Since 2011
    Chair in Medical Psychology and Psychological Diagnostics

Selected publications

  • Kudielka, B.M. et al.: Sex differences in endocrine and psychological responses to psychosocial stress in healthy elderly subjects and the impact of a 2-week dehydroepiandrosterone treatment. In: Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism 83, 1998. pp. 1756-1761.

  • Kudielka, B.M., Broderick, J.E., Kirschbaum, C.: Compliance with saliva sampling protocols: electronic monitoring reveals invalid cortisol daytime profiles in noncompliant subjects. In: Psychosomatic Medicine 65, 2003. pp. 313-319.

  • Kudielka, B.M., Kirschbaum, C.: Awakening cortisol responses are influenced by health status and awakening time but not by menstrual cycle phase. In: Psychoneuroendocrinology 28, 2003. pp. 35-47.

  • Kudielka, B.M. et al.: HPA axis responses to laboratory psychosocial stress in healthy elderly adults, younger adults, and children: impact of age and gender. In: Psychoneuroendocrinology 29, 2004. pp. 83-98.

  • Kudielka, B.M., Kirschbaum, C.: Sex differences in HPA axis responses to stress: a review. In: Biological Psychology 69, 2005. pp. 113-132.

  • Kudielka, B.M. et al.: Exhaustion is associated with reduced habituation of cortisol stress responses to repeated acute psychosocial stress. In: Biological Psychology 72, 2006. pp. 147-53.

  • Bellingrath, S., Kudielka, B.M.: Effort-reward-imbalance and overcommitment are associated with hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis responses to acute psychosocial stress in healthy working school teachers. In: Psychoneuroendocrinology 33, 2008. pp. 1335-1343.

  • Bellingrath, S., Weigl, T., Kudielka, B.M.: Cortisol dysregulation in school teachers in relation to burnout, vital exhaustion, and effort-reward-imbalance. In: Biological Psychology 78, 2008. pp. 104-113.

  • Bellingrath, S., Weigl, T., Kudielka, B.M.: Chronic work stress and exhaustion is associated with higher allostatic load in female school teachers. In: Stress 12, 2009. pp. 37-48.

  • Kudielka, B.M., Wüst, S., Hellhammer, D.H.: Why do we respond so differently? Reviewing determinants of human salivary cortisol responses to challenge. In: Psychoneuroendocrinology 34, 2009. pp. 2-18.

Selected projects

  • Continuation of an Emmy Noether research group, 2009 – 2012

  • "DemoPass", a German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) joint project at the Jacobs Centre on Lifelong Learning and Institutional Development; B.M. Kudielka is the director of the "Health Psychology" subproject, 2007 – 2011

  • Continuation of an Emmy-Noether research group, 2006 – 2008

  • Co-applicant (one of a total of 11) for the German Research Foundation (DFG) international research training group "The psychoneuroendocrinology of stress: From the molecule and gene to affect and cognition", Trier University in cooperation with the University of Leiden, Netherlands, 2006

  • Emmy Noether research group: "Stress and burnout: Integration of work psychological and psychobiological research methods for the assessment of differential stress patterns in chronic work stress", 2004 – 2006

  • Fellowship for research abroad: "Psychological and biological determinants of loneliness in elderly adults", 2001 – 2002

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • American Psychosomatic Society (APS)

  • German Society for Medical Psychology (DGMP)

  • German Psychological Society (DGPs)

  • Expert group on occupational & organisational psychology within the DGPs

  • Expert group on biological psychology within the DGPs

  • Expert group on health psychology within the DGPs

  • German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (DHV)

  • International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology (ISPNE)

  • Networkshop: "Science, Culture, Economy", sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Continuing Education, Research and Culture of the German State of Rhineland-Palatinate within the framework of the "Culture of Innovation" project

  • Society of Ambulatory Assessment (SAA)

  • Member of the ethics commission, German Psychological Society (DGPs)

Additional qualifications

  • Freelance trainer at the Saarland Vocational Advancement Centre (BFW), Saarbrücken, Germany, 1999 – 2001

  • Gestalt-psychology training, elementary level I (year level), 1998 – 1999

  • Trier University: Conception, description and evaluation of the "Lust for life instead of the daily grind" training programme to improve psychological wellbeing, 1996 – 1997

  • Trier Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), in cooperation with Trier University: Train the trainer (AdA) at IHK Trier, Germany, 1996

  • Trier University: Training to become a training-moderator for problem-solving processes, 1995

  • Trier University: Training to become a course instructor for autogenous training, 1994 – 1995

  • Trier University: English as a foreign language course concomitant with my undergraduate studies, 1994

  • Research Centre for Psychobiology and Psychosomatics: Conception, execution and evaluation of a therapy programme for women with unfulfilled wishes for children, 1992 – 1996


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