Short CV/Education and training

  • 1988
    Abitur (A-levels)

  • 1988 – 1994
    Studied medicine at Giessen University, Germany

  • 1994 – 1997
    Foundation year doctor und specialty registrar, Department of Anaesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care, Giessen University

  • 1996
    Doctor of Medicine (Dr. med.)

  • 1997 – 1999
    Visiting researcher in the Department of Anesthesia Research Laboratories, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA, sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

  • 1999 – 2006
    Staff doctor (specialty registrar and specialty doctor), Anaesthesiology Clinic, Erlangen University Hospital, Germany

  • 2000 – 2005
    Head of a DFG Emmy Noether junior research group

  • 2002
    Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification) in experimental anaesthesiology

  • 2005
    Specialist in anaesthesiology

  • Since 2005
    Head of the DFG-funded Clinical Research Unit KFO 130

  • 2006
    Appointed W2 professor of anaesthesiology, specialising in pain research, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

  • Since 2009
    Managing consulting physician and deputy director, Anaesthesiology Clinic, Erlangen University Hospital

Selected publications

  • Choi, J.S. et al.: Alternative splicing may contribute to time-dependent manifestation of inherited erythromelalgia. In: Brain 133, 2010. S. 1823-1835.

  • Leffler, A. et al.: The vanilloid receptor TRPV1 is activated and sensitized by local anaesthetics in rodent sensory neurons. In: J Clin Invest 118, 2008. S. 763-776.

  • Zimmermann, K. et al.: Sensory neuron sodium channel Nav1.8 is essential for pain at low temperatures. In: Nature 447, 2007. S. 855-859.

  • Mohapatra, D.P., Nau, C.: Regulation of Ca2+-dependent desensitization in the vanilloid receptor TRPV1 by calcineurin and cAMP-dependent protein kinase. In: J Biol Chem 280(14), 2005. S. 13424-13432.

  • Mohapatra, D.P., Nau, C.: Desensitization of capsaicin-activated currents in the Vanilloid Receptor TRPV1 is decreased by the cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase pathway. In: J Biol Chem 278(50), 2003. S. 50080-50090.

  • Nau, C., Wang, S.Y., Wang, G.K.: Point mutations at L1280 in Nav1.4 channel D3-S6 modulate binding affinity and stereoselectivity of bupivacaine enantiomers. In: Mol Pharmacol 63, 2003. S. 1398-1406.

  • Mohapatra, D.P. et al.: A tyrosine residue in TM6 of the Vanilloid Receptor-1 involved in desensitization and calcium permeability of capsaicin-activated currents. In: Mol Cell Neurosci 23, 2003. S. 314-324.

  • Nau, C. et al.: Block of human heart hH1 sodium channels by the enantiomers of bupivacaine. In: Anesthesiology 93, 2000. S. 1022-1033.

  • Nau, C. et al.: Block of human heart hH1 sodium channels by amitriptyline. In: J Pharmacol Exp Ther 292, 2000. S. 1015-1023.

  • Nau, C. et al.: Point mutations at N434 in µ1 Na+ channel D1-S6 modulate binding affinity and stereoselectivity of bupivacaine enantiomers. In: Mol Pharmacol 56, 1999. S. 404-413.

Selected projects

  • Emmy Noether Programme of the German Research Foundation (DFG): Structure, function and pharmacology of Na+-channels and vanilloid receptors, two membrane proteins involved in nociceptive processes

  • DFG Clinical Research Unit 130: Determinants and modulators of post-operative pain processing

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Elected member of the medical review board for the subject area Anaesthesiology, German Research Foundation (DFG), 2008 – 2012

  • Member of the programme committee Basic Research, German Congress of Anaesthesia (DAC)

  • Secretary of the scientific working group Young Researchers (WAKWiN), German Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine (DGAI)


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