Selected publications

  • Jansen, Dorothea, Pruisken, Insa (Eds.) (2015): The Changing Governance of Higher Education and Research. A multi-level Perspective. Springer. Dordrecht.

  • Jansen, Dorothea, Semmet Tobias (2012): Which Way Towards a European Research Area? An Introduction. Pp.13-33 in: Jansen, Dorothea (Ed.): Towards a European Research Area. Nomos:Baden-Baden.

  • Jansen, Dorothea, Heidler Richard (2011): Shareholding and Cooperation among Local Utilities – Driving Factors and Effects. Pp 57-82 in: Jansen / Ostertag /Walz (Eds.): Sustainability Innovations in the Electricity Sector. Springer: Heidelberg.

  • Jansen, Dorothea, Heidler, Richard, von Görtz, Regina (2010): Is Nanoscience a Mode 2 field? Disciplinary differences in modes of knowledge production and the influence of science policy. Pp. 45-71 in Jansen (ed.): Governance and Performance in the Public Sector. Springer: Dordrecht.

  • Jansen, Dorothea, Heidler, Richard, von Görtz, Regina (2010): Knowledge production and the structure of collaboration networks in two scientific fields. In: Scientometrics, 83 (1), 219-241.

  • Jansen, Dorothea, 2010: How to Use Indicators to Measure Scientific Performance? A Balanced Approach. Together with Schmoch /Schubert / Heidler /von Görtz, Research Evaluation, 19 (1), pp.. 2-18.

  • Dorothea Jansen 2008: Stadtwerke als Katalysator innovativer Energiekonzepte in mittelständischen Betrieben? Together with Gruber/ Ostertag/ Barnekow /Stoll, 2008: Umweltpsychologie, 12. Jg., Heft 1, 2008, S. 8-27.

  • Jansen, Dorothea (Ed.) 2007: Introduction, pp. XV-XIX in: Jansen (ed.): New Forms of Governance in Research. Disciplinary Differences. Springer. Dordrecht.

  • Jansen, Dorothea, 1996: Nationale Innovationssysteme, soziales Kapital und Innovationsstrategien von Unternehmen. in: Soziale Welt 45, 411-434.

  • Jansen, Dorothea, 1995: Convergence of basic and applied research? Research orientations in German high-Tc Superconductor Rresearch. Science, Technology & Human Values 20, 197-233.

  • Jansen, Dorothea, 1994: National research systems and change: The reaction of the German and the British research systems to the discovery of High-Temperature superconductors. Research Policy 23 (4), 357-374.

  • Jansen, Dorothea (1991): Policy networks and Change: The Case of High-Tc-Superconductors, pp 137-147 in: Marin/ Mayntz, (eds.) Policy Networks. Empirical Evidence and Theoretical Considerations. Campus: Frankfurt.

Complete list of publications

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

Membership in Academic Associations:

  • Association of Sociology of Law

  • German Association of Political Science (Sections on State & Administration, Technology Policy)

  • German Association of Sociology (Sections on Science & Technology, Economic Sociology, Organization Studies, Sociology of Law, Methodology)

  • German Society for Studies in Science and Technology (GWTF)


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