Short CV/Education and training

  • 1988 – 1994
    Studies in German philology, Romance philology (University of Munich)

  • 1994
    Master of Arts/final teaching qualification (Staatsexamen) for German and French, Master in Romance philology (French linguistics), University of Munich

  • 1994 – 2003
    Research assistant at the Department of Romance Philology, University of Munich (LMU)

  • 2003 – 2004
    Research fellow at the Department for Romance Philology at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (replacement of the chair holder for French and Italian linguistics)

  • 2004
    Call to a professorship of Romance linguistics with emphasis on Italian at the University of Constance (call rejected)

  • 2004 – 2008
    Professor of Romance linguistics with emphasis on Italian, Freie Universität Berlin

  • 2007 – 2008
    Vice dean for teaching (Prodekanin Lehre) at the Faculty of Arts, Freie Universität Berlin

  • since 2008
    Professor of Romance linguistics with emphasis on French, University of Zürich

Selected publications

  • Books and edited volumes:

  • Stark, Elisabeth (1997): Voranstellungsstrukturen und topic-Markierung im Französischen. Mit einem Ausblick auf das Italienische, Tübingen: Narr (= Romanica Monacensia, 51).

  • Stark, Elisabeth / Meisner, Charlotte / Völker, Harald (eds.) (2014): Jespersen revisited: Negation in Romance and beyond, Lingua 147 (Special issue).

  • Stark, Elisabeth / Dufter, Andreas (eds.) (2017): Manual of Romance Morphosyntax and Syntax (Manuals of Romance Linguistics, 17), Berlin/New York: de Gruyter.

  • Articles:

  • Stark, Elisabeth / Pomino, Natascha (2009): Losing the 'neuter'; The case of the Spanish demonstratives, in: Probus 21, 217-247.

  • Stark, Elisabeth (2012): Negation marking in French text messages, in: Lingvisticæ Investigationes 35-2, 341-366.

  • Stark, Elisabeth (2013): Clitic subjects in French text messages: Does technical change provoke and/or reveal linguistic change?, in: Kirsten Jeppesen Kragh / Jan Lindschouw (eds.), Deixis and Pronouns in Romance Languages, Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins, 147-169.

  • Stark, Elisabeth / Neuburger, Kathrin A. (2014): Differential Object Marking in Corsican. Regularities and triggering factors, in: Linguistics 52-2, 365-389.

  • Stark, Elisabeth (2016a): Relative clauses, in: Adam Ledgeway / Martin Maiden (eds.), The Oxford Guide to the Romance Languages, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1029-1040.

  • Stark, Elisabeth (2016b): Nominal morphology and semantics – Where’s gender (and 'partitive articles') in Gallo-Romance?, in: Fischer, Susann / Mario Navarro (eds.), Proceedings of the VII Nereus International Workshop "Clitic Doubling and other issues of the syntax/semantic interface in Romance DPs". Arbeitspapier 128. Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaft, Universität Konstanz, 131-149.

  • Stark, Elisabeth / Pomino, Natascha (2016c): Plural marking in French NA/AN combinations: What liaison can tell us, Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft 35-2, 137-170.

  • Stark, Elisabeth (2017): Pertinence de l'analyse grammaticale en linguistique variationnelle, in: Langage & Société 160-161, 283-298.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • SNSF/Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Project Distribution and function of 'partitive' articles in Romance (DiFuPaRo): a microvariation analysis, (PI and project leader) Grant No. 100012L_172751. (in collaboration with Cecilia Poletto, Frankfurt am Main), approved starting 2018

  • SNSF-Sinergia Project What's up, Switzerland?, (PI and project leader), Grant No. CRSII1_160714., since 2016

  • SNSF-Sinergia Project SMS communication in Switzerland: Facets of linguistic variation in a multilingual country, (PI and project leader), Grant No. CRSII1_136230., 2011 – 2015

  • Grant by the Friedrich-Schlegel Graduate School of Literature and Arts in the German Excellence Initiative (DFG; PI, co-applicant; 1 Mio € per annum), 2007

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • President of the executive board of the Zurich Center for Linguistics, UZH, since 2016

  • Director of the PhD Program Linguistics, UZH , since 2014

  • Member of the scientific advisory board of the Hermann Paul Centre for Linguistics (Freiburg im Breisgau), since 2013

  • Responsible researcher for the focused research group "Systems of Nominal Determination in Contact (SyNoDe)", within the University Research Priority Program Language and Space, UZH, since 2013

  • Member of the scientific board of the journals Langages since 2010 and Linguisticae Investigationes since 2016

  • Member of the editorial board of the Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft (ZS) (Mouton de Gruyter), 2007-2011

  • Member of the editorial board of the linguistic book series Linguistische Arbeiten (Mouton de Gruyter), since 2006

Media coverage

  • Interview with Tele Zürich 08.05.2017:

  • Mention of the SNSF-Sinergia Project What's up, Switzerland? in Swiss Newspaper 20 Minuten 30.11.2017: "Männer nutzen dreimal mehr Emojis als Frauen" (cit. 05.12.2017)


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