Short CV/Education and training

  • 1985
    Doctorate in electrical engineering and industrial engineering from the Industrial Science section at Dresden University of Technology

  • 1996
    External Habilitation (postdoctoral qualification) in the field of quality engineering at TU Berlin, Germany, after many years of teaching, research and consulting on the creation and implementation of integrated management systems

  • Since 1999
    Head of the Product Safety and Quality Assurance section, Department of Safety Engineering, University of Wuppertal, Germany (BUW)

  • Since 2008
    Vice-rector for Transfer and International Affairs at BUW

Selected publications

  • Müller, N., Schlund, S., Winzer, P.: Modellierung komplexer mechatronischer Systeme anhand des Demand Compliant Design. In: Jumar, U., Schnieder, E., Diedrich, C. (eds.): Entwurf komplexer Automatisierungssysteme – EKA 2010, Beschreibungsmittel, Methoden, Werkzeuge und Anwendungen; Proceedings 11th conference, Magdeburg, 25-27 May 2010, ifak Magdeburg, 2010.

  • Schlund, S., Winzer, P.: DeCoDe-Modell zur anforderungsgerechten Produktentwicklung. In: Bandow, G., Holzmüller, H.H. (eds.): "Das ist gar kein Modell!": Unterschiedliche Modelle und Modellierungen in Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Ingenieurwissenschaften, Gabler Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2010. pp. 277-293.

  • Bach, F.-W., Schnieder, E., Winzer, P. (eds.): Sicherheitsforschung – Chancen und Perspektiven. In: acatech DISKUTIERT. Beyerer, J. et al.: Sicherheit: Systemanalyse und -design. In: Bach, F., Schnieder, E., Winzer, P. (eds.): acatech DISKUTIERT. Sicherheitsforschung – Chancen und Perspektiven. pp. 39-72.

  • Rosendahl, J., Kulig, S., Schlund, S.: Methodenworkflow zur Entwicklung mechatronischer Systeme. In: Künne, B., Tillmann, W., Crostack, H.-A. (eds.): Forderungsgerechte Auslegung von intralogistischen Systemen. Logistics on Demand. 3r colloquium on 30 September 2009, Verlag Praxiswissen 2009. pp. 63-79.

  • Sitte, J., Winzer, P.: Systematic design of complex artefacts: robot vision. In: International Journal of Information Acquisition 5(1), 2008. pp. 51-63.

  • Winzer, P. (ed.): Berichte zum Generic-Management. Aachen: Shaker Verlag.

  • Vogt, E., Winzer, P.: Assessment of Competences Safeguards Sustainable Quality. In: Tagungsunterlagen 11th QMOD Conference. Quality Management and Organizational Development. Attaining SustainAbility, 20.-22. August 2008 in Helsingborg, Schweden.

  • Geue, A., Spalek, C., Winzer, P.: Six Sigma in Geschäftsprozessen. In: Gundlach, C., Jochem, R. (eds.): Praxishandbuch Six Sigma – Fehler vermeiden, Prozesse verbessern, Kosten senken. Symposion Publishing GmbH, Düsseldorf.

  • Ott, S., Winzer, P.: Cultivating Knowledge methodically: Improving analysis resolution with DeCoDe and FMEA. In: Tagungsunterlagen QMOD 2007. Helsingborg/Sweden. 18-20 June 2007.

Selected projects

  • Airfoil-based solution for Vessel on-board energy production destined to traction and auxiliary services Proposal acronym KITVES (EU project)

  • Networking of public transit companies, rescue teams, event managers and passengers for safety in local public transit during major events

Joint project:

  • Safety in local public transit during major events (VeRSiert)

Individual projects:

  • Successful safety strategies and measures, customer requirements and satisfaction assessments in local public transit (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) project)

  • Process-chain-oriented feedback control loop model for a sustainable, robust design of mechatronic systems (BMBF project)

  • Method for the requirements-based design of mechatronic facilities, Subproject B3 within Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 696 - Requirements-based layout of intralogistical systems – Logistics on Demand, project coordination: University of Dortmund (German Research Foundation (DFG) project)

Membership in scientific bodies/juries


  • Peer reviewer for the German Research Foundation (DFG)

  • Reviewer for the German Research Association for Quality Assurance (FQS) and special reviewer for the Consortium for Industrial Research (AiF)


  • Member of the German National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech)

Participation in the following topic networks:

  • Safety (deputy spokesperson), basic issues in the technological sciences, product creation, training and knowledge management

  • Member of the advisory board, Association of German Engineers (VDI) district office for the Bergisches Land region of Germany

  • Member of the executive committee, German Society for Quality Engineering (GQW)

  • Member of the academic board, European Network of Total Quality Management


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