Short CV/Education and training

  • 1990 – 1994
    C4 professor of Indo-European studies, Giessen, Germany

    Offer of a C4 professorship in Indo-European studies, Vienna, Austria

    Offer of a C4 professorship in the history of the German language, Münster, Germany

  • Since 1994
    C4 professor of Indo-European studies, Jena, Germany

  • Since 2013
    honorary professor, Humboldt University at Berlin

  • Since 2015
    Senior adviser, excellence initiative, Humboldt University at Berlin

Selected publications

  • Lühr, R.: Studien zur Sprache des Hildebrandliedes.

  • Lühr, R.: Expressivität und Lautgesetz im Germanischen.

  • Lühr, R.: Neuhochdeutsch.

  • Lühr, R.: Die Gedichte des Skalden Egill.

Selected projects

  • German lexical-field etymology in the European context (Saxonian Academy of Sciences in Leipzig (SAW))

  • Old High German etymological dictionary (SAW)

  • Information structure (German Research Foundation (DFG))

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Saxonian Academy of Sciences in Leipzig (SAW)

  • Erfurt Academy of Sciences

  • President of the Society for Indo-European Studies

Additional qualifications

  • Church musician (certified)

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Additional interests

  • Piano, organ, singing, sport

Soft Skills

  • Organisational talent


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