Selected publications

  • Fleming, V. (2013). Can regulatory systems make midwifery and Catholicism incompatible? An international analysis. Catholic Medical Quarterly, 63(1), 32-42.

  • Schofield, I., Tolson, D. & Fleming, V. (2012). How nurses understand and care for older people with delirium in the acute hospital: a critical discourse analysis. Nursing Inquiry, 19 (2), 165-176.

  • Fleming, V., Pehlke-MIlde, J., Zaksek, T. & Davies, S. (2011). Competencies in midwifery education: a European study. Midwifery, 27 (6), 854-60.

  • Luyben, A., Kinn, S. & Fleming, V. (2011). Becoming a Mother: Women's Journeys From Expectation to Experience in Three European Countries. International journal of childbirth 1, (1), 13-26.

  • Hollins-Martin, C. & Fleming, V. (2011). The birth satisfaction scale. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance (24) 2, 124-135.

  • Hollins-Martin, C. & Fleming, V. (2010). A 15-step model for writing a research proposal. British Journal of Midwifery, 18 (12), 791-798.

  • Keating, A & Fleming, V. (2009). Midwives – experiences of facilitating normal birth in an obstetric-led unit: a feminist perspective Midwifery, 25 (5), 518-527.

  • Ramsayer, B., Gross, M. & Fleming, V. (2008) EU-Hebammenstudium mit Masterabschluss. Deutsche Hebammen Zeitschrift, 4, 35-36.

  • Fleming, V., Poat, A. & Pender, U. (2007). Paternalismus oder professionalität? Deutsche Hebammen Zeitschrift, 9, 18-21.

  • Abu Ihhal, J. & Fleming, V. (2007). Beliefs and practices of postpartum infant care: review of different cultures. British Journal of Midwifery, 15, 418-421

Selected projects

  • Professional care orientated to primary care in a post conflict setting. The contribution of nurses and midwives towards primary health care: a compendium of 38 case studies. Geneva: World Health Organization WHO/HRH/HPN/09.2. Available at

  • Global Nursing Standards for the initial education of nurses and midwives. Geneva: World Health Organization/Sigma Theta Tau International WHO/HRH/HPN/08.6. Available at

  • Basic nursing and midwifery education programmes in Europe. (2005) Copenhagen: World Health Organization EUR/05/5049082.

  • Does perineal suturing make a difference? A randomised, controlled trial. (2001) Edinburgh: Chief Scientist Office.

Media coverage

  • Televisiona and radio in New Zealand, UK, Kosovo and Bosnia.

Additional qualifications

  • Registered Nurse (Scotland, 1977)

  • Registered Midwife (Scotland, 1979)

  • Advanced Diploma of Nursing (Auckland, 1983)

  • BA Social Sciences, (Massey University, 1988)

  • MA Nursing (Massey University, 1990)

  • Ph.D. (Massey University, 1994)

  • B.Div. (École Cathédral de Notre Dame, 2014)


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