Short CV/Education and training

  • 1982
    B.A. Physics, Oxford University

  • 1985
    D.Phil. Molecular Biophysics, Oxford University. Supervisors: Profs. Andrew Miller & Sir David Phillips

  • 1985 – 1986
    Postdoc., Biochem. Dept., Edinburgh University

  • 1986 – 1988
    Postdoc., Lab. Mol. Biophysics, Oxford University

  • 1988
    autumn; Royal Society Bicentennial Study/Research Visit. Protein Chemistry Dept., CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia

  • 1988 – 1991
    Postdoc., Lab. Mol. Biophysics, Oxford University

  • 1991 – 2001
    Royal Society University Res. Fellow, Oxford University

  • 2001 – 2011
    Cancer Research UK Principal Res. Fellow, Oxford

  • 1999 – 2008
    Deputy Head of Structural Biology (Founding), Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Nuffield Dept. Medicine

  • Since 1999
    Director of the Cancer Research UK Receptor Structure Research Group

  • Since 2008
    Joint Head of Structural Biology, Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics (WTCHG), Oxford Univ.

  • Since 2010
    Deputy Director, WTCHG

Selected publications

5 recent publications selected from ~225 1985 – 2012:

  • B.J.C. Janssen, T. Malinauskas, G.A. Weir, M.Z. Cader, C. Siebold and E.Y. Jones*. (2012) ?Neuropilins lock secreted semaphorins onto plexins in a ternary signalling complex.? Nature Struct. Mol. Biol. 19, 1293-1299

  • C.H. Coles, Y. Shen, A.P. Tenney, C. Siebold, G.C. Sutton, W. Lu, J.T. Gallagher, E.Y Jones*, J.G. Flanagan* and A.R. Aricescu*. (2011) "Proteoglycan-specific molecular switch for RPTP? clustering and neuronal extension." Science 332, 484-488

  • B.J.C. Janssen, R.A. Robinson, F. Pérez-Brangulí, C.H. Bell, K.J. Mitchell, C. Siebold and E.Y. Jones*. (2010) "Structural basis of semaphorin-plexin signalling." Nature 467, 1118-1122

  • E. Seiradake, K. Harlos, G. Sutton, A.R. Aricescu* and E.Y. Jones*. (2010) "An extracellular steric seeding mechanism for Eph-ephrin signalling platform assembly." Nature Struct. Mol. Biol. 17, 398-402

  • A.R. Aricescu, C. Siebold, K. Choudhuri, V.T. Chang, W. Lu, S.J. Davis, P.A. van der Merwe and E.Y. Jones*. (2007) "Structure of a tyrosine phosphatase adhesive interaction reveals a spacer clamp mechanism." Science 317 1217-1220

  • *corresponding author

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Member of ERC Starting Grant Panel LS1, 2012

  • Member of Academy of Finland BioMed CoE Panel, 2011 & 2013

  • Member of CRUK Biological Sciences Committee, 2011 – 2012

  • Chair of Academy of Medical Sciences Sectional committee 1, 2006 – 2009

  • Member of MRC Molecular and Cellular Medicine Board, 2005 – 2009

  • Member of Royal Society University Research Fellowships Panel (Bi), 2004 – 2006

  • Member of Academy of Medical Sciences Sectional committee 1, 2004 – 2006

  • Member of MRC Non Clinical Training and Career Development Panel, 2003 – 2007


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