Short CV/Education and training

  • 1978
    BSc Mathematics and Statistics, 1st class, University of Edinburgh

  • 1979
    MSc Medical Statistics, University of London

  • 1985
    PhD Epidemiology, University of London

Selected publications

Selected from more than 200 publications:

  • Robinson SM, Crozier SR, Harvey NC, Barton BD, Law CM, Godfrey KM, Cooper C, Inskip HM. Modifiable early life risk factors for childhood adiposity and overweight: an analysis of their combined impact and potential for prevention. Amer J Clin Nutr 2015;101:368-75.

  • Inskip HM, Crozier SR, Godfrey KM, Borland SE, Cooper C, Robinson SM and the Southampton Women’s Survey Study Group. Women’s compliance with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations before pregnancy: general population cohort study. BMJ 2009;338:b481.

  • Inskip HM, Godfrey KM, Robinson SM, Law CM, Barker DJ, Cooper C, Cohort profile: The Southampton Women's Survey. Int J Epidemiol 2006;90:42-48.

  • Inskip H, Stillbirths and paternal pre-conceptional radiation exposure, Lancet, 354, 1999, 1400-1401.

  • Inskip H, Reay and Hope v. British Nuclear Fuels plc. Issues faced when a research project formed the basis of litigation, J Roy Statist Soc (Series A), 159, 1996, 41-47

  • Inskip H, Beral V, McDowall M, Mortality of Shipham residents: 40 year follow up, Lancet, i, 1982, 896 9.

Complete list of publications

Additional qualifications

  • Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health (Honorary)


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