Short CV/Education and training

  • 1990 – 1994
    National Grammar School for Mathematics, Bucharest, Romania

  • 1994
    Abitur (A-levels) and computer science examination

  • 1994 – 1998
    Studied biology at the University of Bucharest

  • 1997
    Scholarship from the EU's TEMPUS programme for Eastern Europe

  • 1997
    Experimental Diplom thesis at the Eppendorf University Hospital, Hamburg, Germany

  • 1998
    Diplom degree from the University of Bucharest

  • 1999 – 2001
    Fellowship from research training group GRK 320, Pathological processes of the nervous system: From the gene to behaviour, at Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf, Germany

Selected publications

  • Hanganu, I.L., Kilb, W., Luhmann, H.J.: Functional synaptic projections onto subplate neurons in neonatal rat somatosensory cortex. In: J Neurosci 22(16), 2002. pp. 7165-7176.

  • Dupont, E. et al.: Rapid developmental switch in the mechanisms driving early cortical columnar networks. In: Nature 439(7072), 2006. pp. 79-83.

  • Hanganu, I.L., Ben-Ari, Y., Khazipov, R.: Retinal waves trigger spindle bursts in the neonatal visual cortex. In: J Neurosci 26(25), 2006. pp. 6728-6736.

  • Hanganu, I.L. et al.: Cholinergic modulation of spindle bursts in the neonatal rat visual cortex in vivo. In: J Neurosci 27(21), 2007. pp. 5694-5705.

  • Yang, J.-W. et al.: Three patterns of oscillatory activity differentially synchronize developing neocortical networks /in vivo. In: J Neurosci 29, 2009. pp. 9011-9025.

Selected projects

  • The development of cortico-subcortical networks and cognitive abilities

  • Multisensory information processing during puberty


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