Short CV/Education and training

  • 1993
    Bachelor of Science in Psychology (University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada)

  • 2002
    PhD in Clinical Psychology (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)

Selected publications

  • Vandermosten, M., Price, C.J. & Golestani, N. (2015, Epub ahead of print, PMID: 26386692) Plasticity of white matter connectivity in phonetics experts. Brain Structure and Function.

  • Hervais-Adelman, A., Moser-Mercer, B., & Golestani, N. (2015). Brain functional plasticity associated with the emergence of expertise in extreme language control. Neuroimage, 114, 264-274.

  • Hervais-Adelman, A., Moser-Mercer, B., Michel, C.M. & Golestani, N. (2015). fMRI of simultaneous interpretation reveals the neural basis of extreme language control. Cerebral Cortex, 25(12), 4727-39.

  • Hervais-Adelman, A.*, Pefkou, M.*, & Golestani, N. (2014). Bilingual speech-in-noise: neural bases of semantic context use in the native language. Brain and Language, 132, 1-6.

  • Golestani, N., Hervais-Adelman, A., Obleser, J., Scott, S.K. (2013). Semantic versus perceptual interactions in neural processing of speech-in-noise. Neuroimage, 79, 52-61.

  • Golestani, N., Price, C.J., Scott, S. K. (2011) Born with an ear for dialects? Structural plasticity in the 'expert' phonetician brain. The Journal of Neuroscience, 31(11), 4213-4220.

  • Golestani, N., Molko, N., Pallier, C., Dehaene, S., & Le Bihan, D. (2007). Brain structure predicts the learning of foreign speech sounds. Cerebral Cortex, 17(3), 575-582.

  • Golestani, N., Alario, F.-X., Meriaux, S., Le Bihan, D., Dehaene, S., & Pallier, C. (2006). Syntax production in bilinguals. Neuropsychologia, 44(7), 1029-40.

  • Golestani, N. & Zatorre, R.J. (2004) Learning new sounds of speech: Reallocation of neural substrates. Neuroimage, 21(2), 494-506.

  • Golestani, N., Paus, T., & Zatorre, R.J. (2002). Anatomical correlates of learning novel speech sounds. Neuron, 35, 997-1010.

Complete list of publications

Media coverage

  • March 2016: Radio interview for RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) on the neuroscience of music and language

  • January 2016: Radio interview for Slovenian national radio program called 'Brain at Hand'

  • June 2015: Media article on individual differences in second language learning (

  • May 2015: Media article in German on our work in Simultaneous Interpreters (

  • Jan 2015: Interview with Tages-Anzeiger on PNAS paper by Pierce and colleagues

  • Nov 2014: BBC (Mosaic) article on our work on our brain imaging work in simultaneous interpreters

  • Nov 2014: 'In Other Words' (The journal for practising literary translators) article on our work on our brain imaging work in simultaneous interpreters

  • March 2014: Radio interview (RTS, 'La 1ère') on involvement of language regions in a recent study on music and the brain

  • 2013: Article in 'Science & Vie' magazine, issue 1155, on our brain imaging work in simultaneous interpreters (article name: "Le Cerveau et les Métiers")

  • June 2013: Switzerland, Radio interview on language learning in school for children

  • Nov 2012: Switzerland, Television report on our work on neuroimaging of brain plasticity following simultaneous interpretation expertise training (Radio Television Romande)

  • March 2012: Switzerland, Documentary film on the brain and its plasticity, produced by Bernard Villat from the media service of the Geneva University Hospital

  • March 2012: Switzerland, Round table discussion on brain plasticity and language (Geneva Brain Awareness Week)

  • Nov 2008: London, UK & Belgium, Television documentary film on language and brain white matter (for Belgian TV), produced by Francois Hubert for channel 'La Première de la RTBF', program name: 'Matière Grise', film name: "Sur le bout de la langue"

  • Apr 2006. London, UK, Radio interview for the Dutch World Service

  • Interviews for articles in BBC, New Scientist, The Economist, and other magazines


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