Short CV/Education and training

  • 2002
    Degree in Biology (BA), University of Lausanne

  • 2003
    Diploma in Biology (MA), University of Lausanne

  • 2007
    PhD in Evolutionary Biology, University of Lausanne

  • 2007 – 2009
    SNF Postdoctoral fellow, Simon Fraser University (Bernie Crespi's Lab)

  • 2009 – 2010
    Short-term fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin

  • 2010 – 2013
    NWO VENI research fellow, University of Groningen (Center for Ecological and Evolutionary Studies)

  • Since 2013
    Assistant Professor, University of Lausanne

Selected publications

  • van der Kooi C.J Schwander T, 2014. On the fate of sexual traits under asexuality. Biological Reviews.

  • Neiman M. Sharbel TF. Schwander T., 2014. Genetic causes of transitions from sexual reproduction to asexuality in plants and animals. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 27 pp. 1346-1359.

  • Schwander T., Crespi B.J., Gries R., Gries G., 2013. Neutral and selection-driven decay of sexual traits in asexual stick insects. Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences 280(1764) p. 20130823.

  • *Henry L., *Schwander T., Crespi B.J., 2012. Deleterious mutation accumulation in asexual Timema stick insects. Molecular Biology and Evolution 29(1) pp. 401-408.

  • Schwander T., Henry L., Crespi B.J., 2011. Molecular evidence for ancient asexuality in Timema stick insects. Current Biology 21(13) pp. 1129-1134.

  • Schwander T., Leimar O., 2011. Genes as leaders and followers in evolution. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 26(3) pp. 143-151.

  • Schwander T., Lo N., Beekman M., Oldroyd B. P., Keller L., 2010. Nature versus nurture in social insect caste determination. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 25(5) pp. 275-282.

  • Schwander T., Vuilleumier S., Dubman J., Crespi B.J., 2010. Positive feedback in the transition from sexual reproduction to parthenogenesis. Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences 277(1686) pp. 1435-1442.

  • Schwander T., Crespi B.J., 2009. Multiple direct transitions from sexual reproduction to apomictic parthenogenesis in Timema stick insects. Evolution 63(1) pp. 84-103.

  • Schwander T., Humbert J.Y., Brent C.S., Cahan S.H., Chapuis L., Renai E., Keller L., 2008. Maternal effect on female caste determination in a social insect. Current Biology 18(4) pp. 265-269.

  • Schwander T., Keller L., 2008. Genetic compatibility affects queen and worker caste determination. Science 322(5901) p. 552.

Complete list of publications


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