Short CV/Education and training

  • 1995
    B.Sc. Physics, Tel-Aviv University (TAU), Israel

  • 1996
    B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University (TAU), Israel

  • 2002
    Ph.D. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

  • Since 2002
    Research Affiliate with the Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT

  • 2002 – 2005
    Senior Lecturer of Electrical Engineering, Technion

  • 2005 – 2009
    Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Technion

  • Since 2009
    Visiting Professor, Stanford

  • Since 2010
    Professor of Electrical Engineering, Technion

Selected publications


  • Y. C. Eldar, “Sampling Theory: Beyond Bandlimited Systems”, Cambridge University Press, 2015.

  • Y. C. Eldar and G. Kutyniok, “Compressed Sensing: Theory and Applications”, Cambridge University Press, 2012.

  • D. P. Palomar, Y. C. Eldar, “Convex Optimization in Signal Processing and Communications,” Cambridge University Press, 2010.

  • Y. C. Eldar, Rethinking Biased Estimation: Improving Maximum Likelihood and the Cram ́er-Rao Bound, Foundations and Trends in Signal Processing, Vol. 1, No. 4 (2008) 305-449.


  • A. Kipnis, A. J. Goldsmith, T. Weissman and Y. C. Eldar, “Distortion-Rate Function of Sub-Nyquist Sampled Gaussian Sources”, to appear in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.

  • T. Bendory and Y. C. Eldar, ”Recovery of Sparse Positive Signals on the Sphere from Low Resolution Measurements,” to appear in IEEE Signal Processing Letters.

  • P. Sidorenko, A. Fleischer, Y. Shechtman, Y. C. Eldar, M. Segev and O. Cohen, ”Sparsity-Based Super-Resolved Coherent Diffraction Imaging of One-Dimensional Objects,” Nature Communications, 6:8209 doi: 10.1038/ncomms9209, 2015.

  • L. Weizman, Y. C. Eldar and D. Ben Bashat, ”Compressed Sensing for Longitudinal MRI: An Adaptive-Weighted Approach,” Medical Physics journal, vol. 42, issue 9, pp. 5195-5208, 2015.

  • M. Mutzafi, Y. Shechtman, Y. C. Eldar, O. Cohen and M. Segev, ”Sparsity-Based Ankylography: Recovering 3D molecular structures from Single-shot 2D Scattered Light Intensity,” to appear in Nature Communications.

  • H. Kim, A. Haimovich and Y. C. Eldar, “Non-Coherent Direction of Arrival Estimation from Magnitude-Only Measurements”, to appear in the IEEE Signal Processing Letters.

Complete list of publications

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • IEEE Daniel E. Noble Award for Emerging Technologies Committee, 2015-2016

  • Nominations and Appointments Committee, since 2014

  • IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Technical Committee, since 2014

  • IEEE Big Data Special Interest Group, since 2014


  • Editor-in-Chief for Foundations and Trends in Signal Processing, since 2012

  • Editorial board of Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing, since 2013

  • Editorial board of Foundations and Trends in Signal Processing, 2007-2012

  • Associate Editor for the SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences (SIIMS), 2009-2013

  • Associate Editor for the SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications (SIMAX), 2007-2010

  • Associate Editor for the EURASIP Journal on Signal Processing, 2006-2009. Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2005-2009

  • Guest Editor for the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine special issue on “Convex Optimization for Signal Processing”

  • Guest Editor for the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing Special Issue on “Compressive Sensing”

  • Guest Editor for the Hindawi Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking special issue on “Optimization Techniques in Wireless Communications”

  • Guest Editor for the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing Special Issue on “Convex Optimization Methods for Signal Processing”

  • Guest Editor for the Journal of Applied Signal Processing special issue on “Frames and Overcomplete Representations in Signal Processing, Communications, and Information Theory”

Additional qualifications


  • A. Eilam and Y. C. Eldar, ”Sub Nyquist Sampling Device,” patent pending

  • L. Weizman and Y. C. Eldar, ”Exploiting similarity in adjacent slices for fast MRI,” patent pending

  • O. Bar-Ilan and Y. C. Eldar, “Sub-Nyquist Radar via Doppler Focusing,” patent pending

  • T. Chernyakova, Y. C. Eldar and R. Amit, “Fourier Domain Beamforming for Medical Ultrasound,” patent pending

  • K. Gedalyahu, R. Tur and Y. C. Eldar, ”Multi-channel sampling of pulse streams at the rate of innovation,” patent pending

  • Y.Shechtman,S.Gazit,M.Segev,O.Cohen,Y.C.Eldar,S.GazitandP.Sidorentko, ”Method and System for Super-Resolution Signal Reconstruction,” United States patent No. 9,159,119 B2

  • Y. C. Eldar, R. Tur and Z. Friedman, “Low-Rate Sampling of Pulse Streams,” United States Patent No. 9,143,194 B2

  • J. W. Goodman, J. P. Wilde and Y. C. Eldar, “Grating Enhanced Optical Imaging Systems,” United States Patent No. 8,841,591

  • Y. C. Eldar and E. Matusiak, “Sub-Nyquist Sampling of Short Pulses,“ United States Patent No. 8,836,557

  • M. Mishali and Y. C. Eldar, “Efficient Sampling and Reconstruction of Sparse Multiband Signals,” United States Patent No. 8,457,579 B2, Chinese Patent No. 201080007352.X

  • M. Mishali and Y. C. Eldar, “Spectrum-Blind Sampling and Reconstruction of Multi-Band Signals,” EP Patent No. 2188780 and United States Patent No.8032085, Israel Patent No. 204,275

  • T. Dvorkind and Y. C. Eldar, “Method and Apparatus for Reconstructing Digitized Distorted Signals,” United States Patent, No. 8,228,218 B2

  • Y. C. Eldar and A. V. Oppenheim, “Correlation Shaping Multi-Signature Receiver,” United States Patent No.7636403

  • Y. C. Eldar and A. V. Oppenheim, “Correlation Shaping Matched Filter Receiver,” United States Patent No.7751469

  • N. Goldman, N. Tal, Y. C. Eldar, C. Sestok, and E. Levy, “System, Method, and Circuitry for Blind Timing Mismatch Estimation of Interleaved Analog-to-Digital Converters,” patent pending.


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