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  1. First Scottish AcademiaNet meeting brings together leading female scientists in Scotland

    AcademiaNet scientists were invited to attend the event at the Royal Society of Edinburgh to discuss gender balance in science as well as the impact of Brexit on British research.

  2. Jocelyn Bell Burnell Next Royal Society of Edinburgh President

    Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell has been elected as the next president of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE). She is an outstanding astrophysicist as well as a prominent science communicator. Her term will start this October, right after the Scottish independence referendum in September.

  3. The Dance of the Atoms

    Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology were able to film this "dance of the atoms", and also provide an explanation for this curious phenomenon.

  4. Ulrike Diebold Receives Adamson-Award

    Metal oxides have highly diverse properties - they can be used as catalysts or protective layers, as insulators or superconductors. For her research in this promising field, Prof. Diebold was awarded the 2013 Arthur W. Adamson Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Surface Chemistry.