Selection criteria

Outstanding women academics and scientists are nominated for the portal by our partner organisations according to the selection criteria. It is not possible to apply directly. The selection criteria were formulated by a steering committee that consisted of high-ranking representatives of research organisations and funding agencies.

The most important criteria used in the selection for AcademiaNet are:

1. Outstanding academic qualifications

The candidate should have outstanding academic qualifications, as measured by the standards of her particular academic discipline and by her academic maturity.

Examples of standards are
  • prizes and awards,
  • distinguished fellowships or memberships in prestigious academic circles or in high-ranking committees, bodies, academies, etc.
  • independently raised funding,
  • publishing activities,
  • number of patents,
  • invitations to conference talks.

Benchmarks for established academics and scientists to be included in the portal are, e.g. recipients of the Leibniz Prize, recipients of an ERC Advanced Grant and board members of funding agencies.

Benchmarks for junior academics and scientists (see point 3.: Academic credentials) are, e.g. recipients of an ERC Starting Grant or EMBO Young Investigator awardees.

2. Independent leadership activities

3. Academic credentials

The candidate’s academic profile should be clearly recognisable.

4. Further supporting criteria

  • International experience
  • Held visiting professor positions
  • Teaching activities
  • Social commitment
  • Involvement in research and university committees
  • Balancing family with an academic career


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