Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register for AcademiaNet in order to be able to use the database?

In general, AcademiaNet is available for anyone to use. The editorial area is freely accessible, and you can use the search function to look for academics according to criteria of your choice, without registering.
It is only necessary for you to register if you wish to see the contact data for selected academics. By registering at AcademiaNet, you can also bookmark search results and profiles for further use later.
It is free to register with AcademiaNet. You must only provide a name and an e-mail address to which your access data can be sent.

I am having problems using the search function. The search term I used returns either too many or too few results. What can I do?

We have tried to design the search function to be as intuitive to use as possible. If your search results are not satisfactory, you can influence the results in the following way:

  • You will get the most effective results if you select the search fields to use as specifically as possible. If you are searching for a specific employer, select the field "Employer". If you are searching for a name, select the field "Name".
  • If too few results are returned, try expanding on the search terms with *.
  • The minimum length of a search term is four characters. If your search term is shorter than that, please enter a different search term that is at least four characters long.
  • If too many results are returned, put your search term in quotation marks; the search will then only return results containing this exact term.

If these suggestions do not solve your problem, contact us directly at with an exact description of what you were searching for and which results were returned. We can then help you with your search and adjust the search, if possible.

I am unable to find the highly qualified academic I was searching for. Why isn't she represented in the database?

If the academic you were particularly searching for didn't appear in your search results, there may be different reasons for it:
  • The academic is not (yet) sufficiently qualified. You can find the exact qualification criteria here.
  • The academic is sufficiently qualified but has not yet been nominated because the qualification criteria have just recently been met.
  • The academic was nominated but has not yet had the time to complete her profile or has chosen not to be represented in AcademiaNet.

I still have questions. Whom can I contact?

If you have additional questions, you can find our contact information here: Contact


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