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  1. Maria Leptin to become new President of the European Research Council

    15.07.21 | The developmental biologist only recently stepped down from her role as Director of EMBO.

  2. Elizabeth von Hauff becomes Director of the Fraunhofer FEP Institute

    12.07.21 | The physicist, who specialises in solar power and energy conversion, has also been given a professorship at the Dresden University of Technology.

  3. Tatjana Parac-Vogt: ‘In my group, we have a few babies. I mean, why not?’

    01.07.21 | Women shouldn’t feel bad about having children, even if they haven’t landed a permanent position yet, says Professor Tatjana N. Parac-Vogt. We spoke to the bioinorganic chemist from KU Leuven about creating a more inclusive academic culture, the importance of mentorship and the new will at universities to solve academia’s gender parity problem.

  4. The Global Research Council elects Katja Becker as Chair

    24.06.21 | The physician and biochemist is also the current President of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

  5. Eilika Weber-Ban and Eleftheria Zeggini elected members of EMBO

    21.06.21 | The AcademiaNet members were recognised for their outstanding achievements in protein degradation studies and big data genomics, respectively.

  6. Małgorzata Kossowska: ‘Democracy needs people to be well-informed’

    10.06.21 | In a world fighting a deadly pandemic, acceptance of scientific truth couldn’t get more important. We spoke to psychologist Prof Małgorzata Kossowska about knowledge resistance, trust in experts and how the white, male scientific advisors influence scientist stereotypes.

  7. Rebecca Kilner has been elected Fellow of the Royal Society

    07.06.21 | The Cambridge biologist was chosen for her work on how social behaviour drives evolutionary change.

  8. Gemma Solomon wins EliteForsk Prize 2021

    27.05.21 | She received the prize for her outstanding work on chemical charge and heat transport in molecules.

  9. Roshan Cools, Dorothea Hilhorst, and Hilde de Weerdt each secure funding from the NWO Open Competition

    20.05.21 | The money will be used to research the possible cognition-enhancing effects of dopamine pills, transactional sex during humanitarian crises, and the development of Chinese infrastructure.

  10. Eva Boxenbaum awarded the EliteForsk Prize 2021

    12.05.21 | The professor was honoured for her outstanding work on institutional innovation and organisational change.

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