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  1. Regina Palkovits on equality in science: “It’s about giving young people a chance”

    10.08.22 | AcademiaNet was created as a way to address the gender imbalance among senior academics. Looking back over the past decade, what’s changed? We spoke to Prof. Regina Palkovits, one of our first members, to find out.

  2. Pascale Ehrenfreund awarded the 2022 COSPAR Harrie Massey Award

    05.08.22 | The Austrian astrophysicist was honoured for her "outstanding contributions" to space research.

  3. ‘It becomes too easy to look at women as a deviation’

    25.07.22 | Prof Elin Bjarnegård from Uppsala University in Sweden researches gender in politics – for example, she wants to understand the role of masculinities in war and peace, and what happens when political violence is directed at women. We connected with her for a chat about her recent projects on sexual corruption and gendered election violence.

  4. Marietta Auer elected as new Vice President of the DFG

    22.07.22 | She joins four other AcademiaNet members on DFG’s Executive Committee, incl. DFG President Katja Becker

  5. Six AcademiaNet members have become EMBO members

    18.07.22 | Chosen for their ‘outstanding achievements’, the researchers will join a select community of leading life scientists

  6. Keele University gives Dame Rachel Griffith an honorary doctorate

    15.07.22 | The economist will receive a Doctorate of Letters for contributions to society

  7. Regine Ortlepp’s heating-beat project wins the 2022 German Sustainability Award for Research

    27.06.22 | The project is coming up with solutions to debilitating summer heat in cities, in collaboration with people that live there

  8. ‘The most striking difference about the human brain is just how big it is’

    24.06.22 | Madeline Lancaster is known as the inventor of brain organoids, also called ‘mini brains’. We caught up with her for a conversation about how we can study psychiatric conditions in a tiny clump of cells, and what exactly it is about the human brain that sets it apart from that of our closest relatives.

  9. Emily Flashman wins Norman Heatley Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry

    15.06.22 | The chemist was chosen for her work on oxygen-sensing enzymes

  10. Four AcademiaNet members elected as Fellows and Foreign Members of the Royal Society

    03.06.22 | Sandra Knapp, Susan Lea, Maria Leptin and Irene Miguel-Aliaga have all made “outstanding contributions” to their respective scientific fields or science as a whole

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