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Regine Ortlepp’s heating-beat project wins the 2022 German Sustainability Award for Research

27.6.2022 | The project is coming up with solutions to debilitating summer heat in cities, in collaboration with people that live there
Regine Ortlepp
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Regine Ortlepp
A project led by the civil engineer and AcademiaNet member Regine Ortlepp has won the 2022 German Sustainability Award (GSA) for Research, a prize that recognises contributions toward implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The project, called HeatResillientCity, is about making cities better at adapting to summer heat, which due to global warming is only going to get worse.

With HeatResilientCity, Dr Ortlepp seeks to find innovative ways to help reduce the effects of summer heat for people in cities, because it greatly affects well-being and quality of life. Using areas in Dresden and Erfurt as ‘real world laboratories’ and in collaboration with residents, her team is finding out what works, not just on paper, but for the people that live there. In a statement, the GSA jury said they liked that the project takes into consideration the urban residents, and in particularly those in vulnerable groups.

The project explores both how you can renovate buildings to make them deal better with heat, but also how you can shape the outside environment. Heat-adapted bus stops with drinking water stations or shade-creating lines of trees are just some of the solutions looked at in the project.

Dr Ortlepp is based at the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER) and since last year been Head of the research area “Built Environment – Resources and Environmental Risks”. Beyond heat resilience, her works focusses on resilience to other natural hazards like earthquakes and flooding.

The GSA is sponsored by the German Sustainability Award Foundation, who works closely with the German federal government.
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