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Anja Boisen lands 6 million DKK in funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

30.8.2021 | With the grant comes the title of Distinguished Innovator, making the renowned health tech researcher and nanotechnologist an ‘ambassador for innovation’.
Prof. Anja Boisen
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Prof. Anja Boisen

Professor Anja Boisen has been awarded 6 million DKK (€800,000) in funding to investigate the commercial potential of a research discovery over a three year period. The grant also comes with the title of Novo Nordisk Foundation Distinguished Innovator, envisioned as a kind of ‘innovation ambassador’.

The work undertaken in Prof Boisen’s labs is focused on drug delivery and nanomechanical sensor development. She is particularly interested in the areas where these two fields overlap; for example one of her current projects is dedicated to developing a small tabletop device for drug monitoring.

With the new grant, she is looking to develop a cell culture platform for drug testing, which will resemble a CD. Nutrients for the cells will be delivered through rotating the ‘CD’ and exploiting the centrifugal forces, and it would allow automated online monitoring. If successful, such a product could do away with a lot of unnecessary manual labour and speed up drug development. She anticipates a new spinout company within a year of finishing the project.

Prof Boisen is based at the Technical University of Denmark, heading their IDUN (Intelligent Drug Delivery and Sensing) Centre of Excellence in the Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology. She’s been involved with innovation for years, having co-founded multiple spinout companies and sitting as a vice-chair of the Innovation Fund Denmark. In 2020, she also became a PI at the BioInnovation Institute.

Her new title means that she will be taking on a role as promoter and facilitator of innovation at her university, hopefully with the result that even more researchers will attempt to commercialise their inventions alongside their academic careers. The grant and title were also given to two other researchers, Prof Kristian Strømgaard and Prof Trond Ulven, both from the University of Copenhagen.   (© AcademiaNet)

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