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  1. How a new-born’s first breath influences the development of lung immunity

    25.05.17 | A study co-authored by AcademiaNet scientist Sylvia Knapp has revealed the extent to which the very first breath of life determines the development of the immune system in the lungs. The results of Knapp and her colleagues not only provide novel insights into the immunological environment of the lungs immediately after birth - they also illustrate the delicate balancing act that lungs must negotiate between excessive inflammation and susceptibility to infection. The authors’ study is published in the journal Cell Reports.

  2. Amélie Juhin wins ESRF Young Scientist Award 2017

    18.05.17 | The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) User Organisation has awarded the title of Young Scientist 2017 to AcademiaNet researcher Amélie Juhin for her experimental and theoretical studies of resonant X-ray scattering and X-ray dichroism.

  3. Evidence-based politics and women in science

    AcademiaNet interview with Professor Dame Athene Donald

    11.05.17 | Award-winning researcher, champion of women in science and prolific blogger: Professor Dame Athene Donald has much to say about the role of science in society, the importance of science communication and gender equality in academia. Donald is a Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge. She studies soft matter physics and its applications to synthetic and biological systems.

  4. A versatile switch controlling embryonic development

    03.05.17 | In a new study, a team led by AcademiaNet scientist Caroline Hill has illuminated some of the key molecular steps involved in switching genes on and off during early embryonic development. Their results, reported in the journal eLife, shed new light on the question of how signals from the cellular surface are translated into changes in gene expression.

  5. March for Science

    The start of a movement?

    27.04.17 | Last Saturday, people around the world took to the streets to stand up for science and evidence. AcademiaNet researchers were among the protesters.

  6. Mind the gender gap

    20.04.17 | A recent study, published in eLife, found gender disparities in scientific peer review. A Nature News article summarises the results.

  7. The language of lipids

    AcademiaNet interview with Prof. Valerie O'Donnell

    12.04.17 | In this AcademiaNet interview, Professor O'Donnell tells us about her research on the relationship between lipids, aspirin and inflammation.

  8. Naoko Mizuno receives „Plus 3“ and ERC grants

    05.04.17 | The funding, worth a total of 2.900 000 Euro, will help Mizuno’s team elucidate cell shape changes on a nanoscale.

  9. $21 million NIH grant awarded to epilepsy research consortium

    29.03.17 | Seven scientists, among them AcademiaNet member Prof Asla Pitkänen, will share the funds and collaborate on developing effective therapies for epilepsy.

  10. Nicola A. Spaldin receives prestigious L'Oréal-UNESCO-Award For Women in Science

    23.03.17 | The AcademiaNet scientist is one of five recipients of this year’s prize, worth 100 000 €.

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