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  1. Receptor and Diet Influence Skin Barrier

    04.01.17 | For a long time scientists have speculated about the function of the aryl-hydrocarbon receptor in the skin. It was believed that it is important for the protective function of the skin. Prof. Charlotte Esser and her team now delivered proof of the receptor's function, as well as of the influence our diet has on our skin.

  2. Ants and Plants - A Longstanding Relationship

    28.12.16 | A new study by AcademiaNet scientist professor Susanne Renner demonstrates that ants began to actively cultivate their plant partners at least three million years ago.

  3. Carbon Nanotubes Couple Light and Matter

    20.12.16 | Prof. Jana Zaumseil from the University of Heidelberg and Prof. Malte Gather from the University of St. Andrews were able to demonstrate a strong interaction between light and matter in semiconductors: an important step towards realising new light sources that could be used in telecommunications.

  4. How we perceive colour depends on our culture and language

    Interview with AcademiaNet scientist Anna Franklin, professor of visual perception and cognition

    14.12.16 | Our ability to see a colour is limited by the words we have to describe it, and understanding more about this could help improve how colour-blind children learn and develop, according to Anna Franklin, professor of visual perception and cognition at the University of Sussex.

  5. Professorship in Memory of Susan Lindquist

    06.12.16 | To honor deceased AcademiaNet scientist Dr. Lindquist, Johnson & Johnson has endowed the Susan Lindquist Chair for Women in Science at Whitehead Institute, to be awarded to a distinguished female scientist who is advancing biomedical research.

  6. The 3rd AcademiaNet UK Meeting was a Huge Success

    28.11.16 | This October, 26 AcademiaNet members from all over the UK came together for their third AcademiaNet meeting in Cambridge. Caroline Savage of GlaxoSmithKline gave an inspiring lecture on the process of drug development.

  7. Prof. Leinders-Zufall New ECRO President

    Professor at Saarland University heads European Chemoreception Research Organization

    23.11.16 | Trese Leinders-Zufall studies the molecular mechanisms of the olfactory system, like hormones and pheromones, and their role for the immune system. This autumn, she was elected as the upcoming ECRO president.

  8. "There's an urgent need to provide preventive therapy for astronauts"

    AcademiaNet interview with Sonja Schrepfer, cardiologist and stem cell researcher

    16.11.16 | Normally, Prof. Sonja Schrepfer's research focus is the immunology after heart and lung transplantation, as well as possible roles of stem cells, at the University Hospital Hamburg. Now, after receiving a NASA grant, she studies in San Francisco how zero gravity affects heart cells.

  9. Cancer: Faulty DNA or Faulty DNA Repair Systems

    09.11.16 | Cancer can occur when things go wrong in our genes, but also occur when the processes to fix damaged genes goes wrong. AcademiaNet members Dr. Elisabetta Citterio, Dr. Michela Di Virgilio (photo), Dr. Jacqueline Jacobs and Prof. Rocio Sotillo study the mechanisms of DNA repair.

  10. ERC Starting Grant for Ewelina Knapska

    03.11.16 | With this grant, Dr. Ewelina Knapska will study how the amygdala controls socially transmitted emotions like joy and fear. She works at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw.

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