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  1. Silver Amulet Unfolded

    Danish and German researchers reveal secret text with new technology

    04.01.16 | A silver amulet from the early islamic period in the Middle East has been 'unfolded' digitally with the help of computer tomography. Prof. Rubina Raja is co-director of a Danish-German cooperation in Jordan, the German partner is Ruhr University Bochum.

  2. Lethal Legacies

    Understanding cell death on a molecular level

    30.12.15 | A research team headed by Barbara Conradt, Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology in Munich, have uncovered a mechanism that induces cell death in the nematode C. elegans: the mother cell actively determines the fate of the daughter cell.

  3. The Puzzle of Cell Signalling

    Interview with Dr. Mariann Bienz, Group Leader and Joint Divisional Head at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

    22.12.15 | Mariann Bienz investigates the mechanisms behind the signalling pathways that switch on gene transcription and how their dysfunction can ultimately cause cancer.

  4. Ernst Haage Prize for Dr. Inke Siewert

    16.12.15 | The chemist Dr. Inke Siewert was awarded the Ernst Haage Prize, an award of the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion in Mühlheim, Germany, and the Ernst Haage Foundation. She works in the field of homogenous electrocatalysts.

  5. Details of Plant Immunity

    Interview with Prof. Silke Robatzek, Group Leader at The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich

    08.12.15 | Silke Robatzek studies the 'frontline' between plants and pathogens. Her findings on how plants recognise and fight off infectious invaders could help develop food crops that have broad-spectrum resistance to disease.

  6. The Upside of Widespread Asthma Risk

    A certain type of asthma can be effectively prevented

    01.12.15 | Asthma researchers from the University of Munich, among them Prof. Erika von Mutius, have shown that specific environmental influences can neutralise the effect of a prevalent genetic variant that increases risk for childhood asthma.

  7. Mini-intestines grown in vitro

    26.11.15 | A research team headed by Prof. Hannelore Daniel at the Technical University of Munich has shown how artificially grown mini-intestines can be used in nutritional and diabetic research.

  8. Inside Immigration Detention Centres

    Interview with Mary Bosworth, Professor of Criminology and Fellow of St Cross College at the University of Oxford

    18.11.15 | Mary Bosworth studies the highly controversial subject of immigration detention centres from all angles and talks to detainees and employees alike.

  9. Nano-Wires Supply Power

    How seafloor microorganisms organise their power supply

    11.11.15 | Some microorganisms form nanowire connections to transfer electric energy. Researchers from Antje Boetius' research group have discovered this transfer between dual-species microbial consortia that degrade methane.

  10. Happy Birthday AcademiaNet!

    03.11.15 | Five years ago, our portal to excellent female academics was launched in Berlin. To mark this anniversary, we asked our members in a newsletter how their careers, or lives, developed during the last five years.

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