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  1. Silvia Arber has been awarded the 2022 Brain Prize

    18.03.22 | She receives the prize for mapping movement-controlling neurons in the brain and spine.

  2. Madeline Lancaster and Sonja Vernes win Blavatnik Awards

    14.03.22 | The prizes were given for the development of mini-brains and the investigation of the biological bases of language, respectively.

  3. ‘We must break the continuing shame and embarrassment’

    08.03.22 | Roughly half of the world’s population will experience menstruation, yet we still don’t know enough about what a ‘normal’ period is. We spoke to AcademiaNet member Professor Hilary Critchley about why it’s so important that society moves past period shame and gets cracking on developing treatments for the people that suffer.

  4. 14 AcademiaNet members secure ERC Proof of Concept grants

    25.02.22 | The grants will be used to explore commercialisation of existing projects, ranging from RNA technology to textiles made with artificial spider silk.

  5. Rita Groß-Hardt and collaborators secure €2.5 million from the European Innovation Council

    17.02.22 | The money will go towards a project on climate change-resistant plants with industry partners Aardevo and KWS.

  6. ‘There was no time to even take a shower’

    11.02.22 | Chemist and pharmacist Prof Olivia Merkel describes the huge pressures put on academics with children, in particular women, during the beginning of the pandemic – from an exploding workload to gate-kept childcare.

  7. Katrin Amunts wins the 2021 Hector Science Award

    04.02.22 | The prize was awarded to Prof Amunts for her outstanding research on brain mapping and her contribution to the field of neuroscience.

  8. Helene Ahl: »Can you imagine removing 30% of businesses?«

    28.01.22 | Professor Helene Ahl from Jönköping University approaches entrepreneurship from a feminist angle, studying the businesses run by women which have traditionally been overlooked. We spoke to her about how the welfare society affects working conditions for women entrepreneurs amid stubborn gender norms.

  9. María Escudero Escribano awarded the 2021 Journal of Materials Chemistry Lectureship

    21.01.22 | The chemist, who specialises in electrocatalyst materials, will receive an all-expenses paid trip to a leading international meeting

  10. Beate Heinemann becomes first woman to join Directorate at DESY

    16.12.21 | From February, Prof Heinemann will become Director of Particle Physics at the research centre

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