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  1. Film and television tell children who can be scientists

    26.11.18 | Roles on the screen largely reinforce the message that scientists are white men.

  2. Learning from big data how life works

    20.11.18 | 

    Interview with AcademiaNet member and ERC grantee Natasa Przulj, Professor of Biomedical Data Science at UCL.

  3. Max Planck-Humboldt Research Award for Catherine Heymans

    16.11.18 | British astrophysicist received award worth EUR 1.5 million

  4. Sustainability is a 'top priority' for chemists

    08.11.18 | 

    A group of chemicals known as bi-metallics could help the pharmaceutical industry become more environmentally friendly by cutting the amount of energy used to produce drugs, according to Professor Eva Hevia from the University of Strathclyde, UK, who says that sustainability is a top priority for chemists.

  5. Taking Neuroscience Research from the Laboratory into the Classroom

    30.10.18 | Interview with AcademiaNet member Nienke van Atteveldt

  6. AcademiaNet member Antje Boetius receives German Environmental Prize along with Leipzig Waste Water Experts

    25.10.18 | Marine biologist Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius and an interdisciplinary team of wastewater experts from Leipzig will each receive half of the 2018 German Environmental Prize award by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, DBU). German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will present the award this week on 28 October in Erfurt.

  7. Kick-off Meeting of the AcademiaNet-Club in Vienna

    19.10.18 | For the first time, the AcademiaNet Club in Vienna brought together excellent female academics to network

  8. Two AcademiaNet members backed to bring research findings to the market

    11.10.18 | In a second round, the European Research Council has awarded top-up funding to fifty ERC grant holders via its Proof of Concept Grants, to explore the commercial or societal potential of their ERC-funded frontier research results. The grants are part of the EU's research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020.

  9. What the Nobels are — and aren’t — doing to encourage diversity

    01.10.18 | The prize-awarding academies are making changes to their secretive nomination processes to tackle bias, but some say the measures don’t go far enough.

  10. Say "Yes" to Democracy

    25.09.18 | Interview with AcademiaNet member Prof. Dr. Nicole Deitelhoff

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