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  1. Tais Gorkhover wins LCLS Young Investigator Award for pioneering novel X-ray imaging methods

    20.09.18 | The early-career award honours AcademiaNet member and promising leader in X-ray free-electron laser research

  2. World’s Largest Computing Association Appoints First Woman CEO

    13.09.18 | ACM President Vicki L. Hanson takes top staff position

  3. Pulsar discoverer Jocelyn Bell Burnell wins $3-million Breakthrough Prize

    06.09.18 | AcademiaNet member plans to spend prize money — awarded 50 years after the discovery — on increasing diversity in science. A portrait by Nature

  4. Plant-based molecules company wins EU’s women innovators prize

    30.08.18 | Dr Gabriella Colucci, the founder of two biotechnology companies that discover new plant-based molecules for industrial use, has won the top award of €100,000 in the 2018 EU Prize for Women Innovators, which was presented at a ceremony in Brussels, Belgium on 21 June.

  5. An imperative to communicate

    21.08.18 | As part of a series on »Science Communication« in the European Research Council Magazine, Dame Athene Donald, member of the ERC's Scientific Council, gives her views on the joys of finding your voice and the political impact of doing so. more

  6. Nicole Grobert new member of the European Commission's Group of Chief Scientific Advisors

    14.08.18 | AcademiaNet member will advice the EU in the interest of science

  7. Combining Antibodies with Light to Selectively Target Cancer

    08.08.18 | AcademiaNet interview with Dr. Sabrina Santos Oliveira

  8. Prof Anna Wienhard invited to speak at the ICM

    31.07.18 | AcademiaNet memeber and mathematician receives one of the highest accolades in the field

  9. Nienke van Atteveldt brings forward new technologies and applications for portable brain technologies

    25.07.18 | AcademiaNet member and neuroscientist boosts her research into portable brain technology with newly established EFG Grant

  10. Aerospace research: ensuring sustainability here on earth

    20.07.18 | AcademiaNet interview with Prof. Pascale Ehrenfreund

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