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Kick-off Meeting of the AcademiaNet-Club in Vienna

19. 10. 2018 | For the first time, the AcademiaNet Club in Vienna brought together excellent female academics to network
Pauline Ganon
Bild vergrößern
(© Lena Yadlapalli (Dekanat der Chemie/Universität Wien))

Pauline Ganon | Pauline Ganon at the first meeting of the AcademiaNet Club Vienna

On Friday 5th October 2018, the AcademiaNet Club in Vienna hosted its first meeting at the Faculty for Chemistry in the University of Vienna. The event was very well received and much appreciated by the participants who attended.

In the first part of the meeting, open to the public, Pauline Ganon – a Canadian physicist who has been working at CERN for almost 20 years — gave a lecture about Mileva Marić Einstein, Albert Einstein's first wife, and her much-discussed contributions to the work and findings of the then future Nobel Prize winner. Among the 60 participants who enjoyed the lecture were also some male attendants. The approximately twenty AcademiaNet members present then introduced themselves to the other guests in short statements. Afterwards, all the participants had the opportunity to gather for refreshments and continue lively discussions. Afterwards, the AcademiaNet-Club members were invited to a nearby restaurant to discuss the future and next steps of the club.

Leticia González
Bild vergrößern
(© Lena Yadlapalli (Dekanat der Chemie/Universität Wien))

Leticia González

All the members enjoyed the vivid intellectual exchange and agreed that the club should be continued. The next meeting is planned for the first quarter of 2019. "The AcademiaNet-Club offers us a terrific opportunity to meet great female colleagues from very different fields. We are all convinced that the club should be used to enhance visibility for female scientists. We want to show that we exist but also that we are happy to mentor and support younger female scientists," said Leticia González, theoretical chemist, AcademiaNet member and coordinator of the AcademiaNet Club in Vienna.

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