Eva Boxenbaum awarded the EliteForsk Prize 2021

12.5.2021 | The professor was honoured for her outstanding work on institutional innovation and organisational change.
Prof Eva Boxenbaum
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(© Eva Boxenbaum)

Prof Eva Boxenbaum

The most prestigious Danish research award, the EliteForsk Prize, has been awarded to Professor Eva Boxenbaum. With the prize comes 200,000 Danish Kroner (€27,000) as a personal award, plus another 1 million Danish Kroner (€135,000) for research.

“I am honoured to receive this prize,” Prof Boxenbaum told AcademiaNet. “It is a great recognition of the scientific impact that my research has generated for the first 15 years of my career. I hope this prize will contribute to […] helping it reach broader segments of society and stimulate debate.”

Her research is centred on how permanent change is achieved and what conditions must exist to make it possible. In particular, she focuses on how passionate individuals and organisations contribute to bringing about change on a societal level. For example, she has studied changes within architecture, construction practices and corporate social responsibility.

“The monetary reward will give me an opportunity to conduct research in the organisational set-up that I find most stimulating: a team constellation with other senior female scholars at the same level as me,” Prof Boxenbaum said. “I played competitive volleyball when I was younger, and I really enjoy working in a team structure like that.”

Prof Boxenbaum is based at Copenhagen Business School, where she also did her PhD and has held various Associate Professorships. She originally trained at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and she has spent time as a Visiting Scholar around the world, including at Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Paris, and Mines ParisTech.

Five EliteForsk Prizes are awarded annually by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.   (© Emilie Steinmark / AcademiaNet)

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  5. Eva Boxenbaum awarded the EliteForsk Prize 2021

    The professor was honoured for her outstanding work on institutional innovation and organisational change.

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