Maria Escudero-Escribano wins ECS Young Investigator Award 2018

30. 5. 2018 | The prize honours Dr Escudero-Escribano's innovative research in electrochemical energy technology
ECS Young Investigator Award 2018
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ECS Young Investigator Award 2018 | Dr María Escudero Escribano and Professor Andrew Herring, Chair of the ECS Energy Technology Division

AcademiaNet member Maria Escudero-Escribano has won yet another award. On May 16th 2018, she received the ECS Energy Technology Division Supramaniam Srinivasan Young Investigator Award, an accolade aimed at highly achieving researchers under the age of 35.

The selection committee chose Dr Escudero-Escribano for her “research on model electrodes which aims to overcome the bottlenecks that impede the large-scale uptake of electrochemical energy conversion technologies”. In order to improve the performance and efficiency of catalysers in terms of sustainability and cost effectiveness she investigates new materials that display favourable electrochemical catalysation properties. In her award address, which she held at this year’s ECS meeting in Seattle, Dr Escudero-Escribano focused on her PhD and postdoctoral research into Pt-based catalysts for oxygen reduction in fuel cells. She was the first woman to receive the award, which was established in 2011.

The Electrochemical Society set itself the goal of advancing theory and practice across subjects involved with electrochemical and solid state science. With the Energy Technology Division Supramaniam Srinivasan Young Investigator Award, it pays tribute to outstanding young researchers in the field of electrochemical energy technology. It serves as encouragement for exceptional scientists in the early stages of their career to stay active in the field. The award consists of a scroll, a $1,000 prize and complimentary meeting registration.

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