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Michela Massimi and Niki Vermeulen secure funding from the Royal Society of Edinburgh

14.10.2021 | The grants are part of the £1.8 million RSE Saltire Research Awards.
The two AcademiaNet members Prof Michela Massimi and Dr Niki Vermeulen have secured funding through the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Saltire Research Awards, for separate projects.

Prof Michela Massimi
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Prof Michela Massimi
Prof Massimi is a philosopher of science based at the University of Edinburgh. Her research is at the cross-section of history and philosophy, with a focus on the physical sciences. Currently, her main project is on the role of perspectivism – the idea that all observations are coloured by the interpretation and perspective of the observer – in scientific modelling, particularly in particle physics and cosmology. Her new grant is a Facilitation Workshop Award and will go towards a project called ‘Scientific knowledge across jurisdictions: Traceability, access and benefit sharing (ABS), scientific policy’.

Dr Niki Vermeulen
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Dr Niki Vermeulen
Dr Vermeulen is also based the University of Edinburgh, but as a senior lecturer in the history and sociology of science. She specialises in science and innovation policy, as well as scientific collaboration within the life sciences. For example, she has worked on mapping out collaborations within research institutions like the Francis Crick Institute, and on whether so-called ‘synthesis centres’ achieve the output diversity they aspire to. Her grant is a Facilitation Network Award and is given to a project called ‘Geographies of scientific collaboration’.

The RSE Saltire Research Awards total £1.8 million and are funded by the Scottish Government. 93 projects received support, half of which are early-career projects.   (© Emilie Steinmark / AcademiaNet /

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