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Professor Susanne Karstedt receives LSA Award

16. 6. 2017 | The AcademiaNet scientist received the prize in recognition of her contributions in the areas law and society.

In recognition of her work on Criminal Justice, Professor Susanne Karstedt has been awarded the Law and Society Association International Prize earlier this month. The accolade is given to an international scholar each year to highlight their contribution to advancement of knowledge in the field of law and society.

Professor Susanne Karstedt
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Professor Susanne Karstedt
The Law and Society Association described their choice of Professor Karstedt as awardee with the following words: "Susanne Karstedt has made significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in the field of law and society by her remarkable research; her bridging of sociology, socio-legal studies, and criminology; her world-wide service in and to law and society academia; and, not least, bringing together in conferences, small and large, researchers from all over the world who understand their combined work as a transnational and international endeavor. Hence we believe Susanne Karstedt is a highly deserving recipient of the LSA International Prize."

Professor Karstedt can look back on a highly successful career in criminology research and teaching. She has lived and worked in a number of countries, and currently holds a professorship at the Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, where she continues her work on atrocity crimes and criminal justice systems. She has contributed to a plethora books and articles on morality, crime and justice, of which the Law and Society Association notably mentioned her 1998 essay “Coming to Terms with the Past in Germany after 1945 and 1989: Public Judgments on Procedures and Justice", which has sparked a wave of further research in this area.

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