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The 3rd AcademiaNet UK Meeting was a Huge Success

28.11.2016 | This October, twenty-six AcademiaNet members, renowned experts in science and academia from Cambridge, London, Oxford, Preston, and Norwich, came together for their third UK meeting at Clare Hall College, Cambridge. Prof. Caroline Savage of GlaxoSmithKline gave an inspiring lecture on the process of drug development.
This event was initiated by Christina Haubrich, a neurologist and vsiting professor at the Brain Physics Laboratory at University of Cambridge, who together with Lori Passmore, group leader at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, and Dr. Sohini Kar-Narayan, group leader at the Institute of Material Sciences and Metallurgy, had invited their fellow UK AcademiaNet members to get together for an evening of talks, networking and exchange of ideas.

Prof. Christina Haubrich
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Prof. Christina Haubrich
The evening began with Christina Haubrich welcoming everyone, and giving an update on the growth and recent developments of – a website which is visited by more than 7,000 visitors a month. With her opening words Christina Haubrich invited members to use AcademiaNet as their channel to forward news about promotions, publications, awards, national and international research organizations, universities, and media publications. She emphasised the great potential that AcademiaNet has for women in science as both a digital information platform and a meeting place for interdisciplinary academic exchange. She thanked the Robert Bosch Stiftung for their active support in addressing this issue, and especially for supporting this event.

Dr. Lori Passmore welcomed everyone to Clare Hall College. She introduced AcademiaNet members to the values and goals of Clare Hall College which was founded 1966 on the initiative of Clare College. The Clare Hall community includes teaching officers whose principal focus was research; visiting academics who would stay in Cambridge for between six months and a year; and graduate students. Lori pointed out the numerous opportunities as the annual Tanner Lectures on Human Values, the Ashby Lectures, excursions, talks, and seminars Clare Hall College offers for intellectual exchange.

Prof. Caroline Savage
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Prof. Caroline Savage
Prof. Caroline Savage, AcademiaNet member, guest speaker, and award-winning scientist took her auditory on the challenging journey from a scientific hypothesis to the market introduction of new medications. She's vice president of the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline and head of the department 'Discovery Medicine'. Caroline reminded us of the importance of scrutinising the concepts of interactions within the human body and demonstrated with many examples how science and business interact in a global company. By illustrating the multitude of collaborations, Caroline underlined the vivid dialogue between science and industry which animates new treatments of, for instance, multiple sclerosis, chronic inflammatory lung disease, and amyloidosis. Her talk generated a lively discussion that carried on during the dinner.

Thanks to the initiative of Dr. Sohini Kar-Narayan, who was chaperoning the dinner and introducing the participants to a dynamic networking concept, AcademiaNet members used the event to maximise their network and to exchange experiences in several fields of sciences. The members enjoyed the evening, the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Clare Hall College as well as the opportunity to meet and have open conversations with fellow women academics facing similar challenges in their careers.

Participants of the third UK
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(© Clare Hall College, Cambridge)

Participants of the third UK | AcademiaNet meeting in October 2016 at Clare Hall College in Cambridge.

For six years already, women scientists worldwide are nominated to AcademiaNet by national or international research organizations. AcademiaNet was created by the Robert Bosch Stiftung (Robert Bosch Foundation) in order to raise the visibility of outstanding female scientists and to increase their number in leadership positions. With their first meeting in September 2015 at Clare Hall College, UK AcademiaNet members transformed their network from the virtual into the real sphere. This and the following meetings, another one in London organised by Prof. Humeira Iqtidar, provided a growing number of participants with a great platform of interdisciplinary academic exchange.
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